Selection of Savveliydak's favorite quotes

Things about Faith and Spirituality.
If it is beyond words, the words can not show, but can help to indicate the direction.

Selection of Savveliydak's favorite quotes


In his first message I would venture to share with you a selection of my favorite quotes:

Satire - a kind of mirror in which everyone who looks into it and sees any person other than their own.
Even the mind of a fool is reconciled with truth.
Do not know the history - it means always to be a child.
A woman, even the most disinterested, a man appreciates the generosity and breadth of nature. Woman poetic, and what could be more prosaic avarice ?.
The secret of good governance: the ruler shall be the governor, subject - a subject, father - father and son - son.
Only public service gets to know truth.
The people need hardened and live the dream of freedom. But here comes freedom, and people do not know what to do with it.

Straight sayings. What do you think?