Problem with Ajax Voting Script

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Problem with Ajax Voting Script

Hi all !
On localhost (xampp latest version) this script don't work, on hosting work. ... pt-ajax_s2
When i try to vote i got this error:

But this is not all (i think), when i open this JS file with brackets, brackets found more errors.


I made some modifications in the code of the script. Try download it again and test it.
To make sure you will not get the previous script from browser cache, delete the browser cache or download it with other browser.
If you edit the files with code, use a file editor that can encode the file with UTF-8 without BOM (for example Notepad++).
- If the script not work for you, uncomment the line 92 with this code: alert(reqob.responseText); in the voting.js file, and post here the alert box with the ajax response, and other errors you get.

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