Nokia selected to build cellular network on the Moon

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Nokia selected to build cellular network on the Moon

NASA has chosen Nokia to build a 4G network on the moon as part of the space agency's Artemis programme, which aims to establish a sustainable human presence there.

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The Finnish company will build the technology which will be integrated into NASA's lunar landers and used for remote control, as well as streaming high-definition videos.

Nokia's lunar mobile network will comprise an LTE base station, LTE user equipment, radio frequency antennas, and highly reliable maintenance and operation control software.
The network has been specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions of lunar launch and landing, operate in the extreme conditions of space, and meet the strict size, weight, and power restrictions required by NASA.
The Nokia-NASA agreement is part of the so-called Artemis program, which aims to establish sustainable operations on the Moon by the end of this decade, as a preliminary phase before launching a future expedition to Mars.

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