Javascript get browser name and version

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Javascript get browser name and version

I am looking for a JavaScript that will capture the browser name and version that is understandable. I want to determine if my viewers have older IE or a browser that will not support some of the new ideas I am thinking about adding. Thanks for any help.

The navigator.userAgent property contains info about browser name and version.
You can use the browserCheck() function from this example to get the browser name and version in javascript:

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Click to <button id="btn_brw">Get Browser Name-Version</button>
//return an object {browser: "name", version: nr}
function browserCheck(){
  var N= navigator.appName, ua= navigator.userAgent, tem;
  var re= ua.match(/(opera|chrome|safari|firefox|msie|trident)\/?\s*(\.?\d+(\.\d+)*)/i);
  if(re && (tem= ua.match(/version\/([\.\d]+)/i))!= null) {re[2]=tem[1];}
  re= re? [re[1], re[2]]: [N, navigator.appVersion,'-?'];
  return {browser:re[0], version:parseFloat(re[1])};

//when click on #btn_brw, get and alert browser name and version
  document.getElementById('btn_brw').addEventListener('click', function(){
    var brw_nv = browserCheck();
    alert('Browser: '+ brw_nv.browser +'\nVersion: '+ brw_nv.version);
Click to

This also works great, thanks. I checked to see if the ip address was available as I had not hear of navigator but it wasn't or I could not find it.

From what I know, you cannot get the user's ip with javascript unless you use ajax with a server side script or some kind of external service.

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