imgbrowse CKEditor files upload, don't show up in imgbrowse

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imgbrowse CKEditor files upload, don't show up in imgbrowse

I've downloaded the CKEditor with Free Image Browse and Upload Plugins (version 4.5.3) package, from:
Have it set up and *almost* working.

I upload an image, and it says it was successful. But the image thumbnail in the imgbrowse browser shows the 'broken image' icon. So nothing gets inserted into the CKEditor editor.

I looked in the ckeup folder on my server, and the image is there. I've downloaded it from that folder to open it and verify it's not corrupt. It's not.

I'm hosting on a Windows shared server. I have CKEditor with KCFinder working on a different test site on the same server, so I don't think it's a server issue?

Forgot to mention the server has php version 5.5.38, if that matters.


Can you test the application on localhost, on your PC, for example with XAMPP?
It can be a problem with the image path set in the plugin. See the Instructions for imgbrowse plugin from the page with the script/plugin.

Unfortunately I don't have a means of testing on a local machine now.

The imgbrowse browser seems to find the correct path, as the "broken icon" displayed lists the correct file name for an uploaded file. Though I suppose it could just have the file name stored, and is looking in the wrong directory?

I have a ckeup folder in the root directory of my server. I've tried using: /ckeup/, /ckeup and ckeup but all result in the same thing.

The imgbrowse browser has a small blue menu near the upper-left. It says 'Root'. Is that correct? Or should it be displaying ckeup?

It is correct to display Root.
I tested again the plugins for Upload image, and the Imgbrowse. In my tests on localhost (with windows 10) it works.
The script in the archive with ckeditor from this site it has an intdex.html file and some images in the /ckeup/ folder for test. Does the imgbrowse display those images (without any changes in /ckeditor/config.js)?
I do not know way in your case it not works

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