For new Members - Let's acquaint ourselves

Anything your heart desires can be posted here (if you can not find another category to post it in).
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For new Members - Let's acquaint ourselves

Hi Everyone
This topic is for new registered users who want to present themselves, or to write about how he found this website, why registered, or simply to greet other members.
Any thought to start on.
Have Peace and Joy.

Hello All
I just registered on this website.
I like to make light scripts with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, this is like a hobby.
Also, I try to think more deep, or better said, to stop thinking, to meditate about spiritual things.

Hi to All
I'm also a new member of this forum.
I like to make scripts with php and javascript, i studied the tutorials from this site.

Hello everyone!
Glad to join you and hope to learn a lot from here

which kind of web design is common for us?

there are many kinds of web site design exists inside google and each one has its own function and aim . if you want to have a website designing , you should pay attention on your own job and your needing .
we can help you too , follow these links if you want