Firefox Web Developer javascript Error TypeError chrome

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Firefox Web Developer javascript Error TypeError chrome

I see an error in firefox when visit my page that contains your script. We are talking about the ajax script that allows the rating... try to install web developer in firefox then click on the right side of windows firefox and enable Web Developer ToolBar, now a toolbar is visible and on the right you should see three flags, the first is for DocType, the second is for debug css, the third is for debug javascript call.

Then visit my page:

and see the source, then click on the bottom just before </body> and you can see the script rating_en.js and you can see the source... To me appear a red warning on web developer console that alert me about this error:

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javascript Error TypeError chrome://newtab is not valid url
This appear on Firefox not matter if you see chrome written... is a warning about javascript on firefox...

Try to go on google home page. Then return to:

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and then return to google home page. Close the browser and then reopen the google home page. Is a bit strange but doing as described you should see the red flag on firefox that on first do not appear...

This happened when I uploaded your script on my website. Let's me know something, I think that your ajax call needs to be revised...


I checked your page with Web developer in firefox, but i didn't see the error you specified, only an warning (from jquery.min.js):

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JavaScript Warning ReferenceError: reference to undefined property a[y.status]
The Ajax call of the rating stars script is simple, and nothing wrong.

- Anyway, It is nothing to worry about. The script is working, and there are no errors in console.

Thanks. I appreciate your efforts... Now all fine...

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