English video lessons for kids

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English video lessons for kids

English Video Lessons for Children - Shorts animations to learn english
- Click to play lesson 1: Hello to You.

1. Hello to You

  1. Hello to You Tommy and Ellie meet and get acquainted into an orchard.
  2. Guess what Fats found Fats is a dog, it is looking for various objects. With this occasion, Tommy and Ellie learn the numbers from 1 to 20.
  3. What a Surprise Tommy and Ellie are to an amusement park. They notice various characteristics (adjectives) of the animals; and a funny magician.
  4. Tommy`s talking trainers Tommy has some funny talking trainers, And presents other type of clothes in english.
  5. Fetch Fats Tommy teaches his dog to learn the colors.
  6. It`s time to play Tommy and Ellie play with a monkey and show their toys.
  7. Mission impossible Tommy has a new computer game. He and Ellie learn about human body parts.
  8. My Happy Family Ellie asks the members of her family if she can go to school.
  1. Let`s go Tommy and Ellie try to get some cherries from a tree. And you can learn the personal pronoun.
  2. Home Sweet Home Tommy and Ellie visit the house and its rooms.
  3. Time for school Tommy and Ellie are in a classroom and learn about school objects.
  4. Animal magic Ellie find a genie in a box, he shows her the animals in their habitat.
  5. Mr. Weather Tommy talks with a cloud and learn about seasons and weather.
  6. Shopping Day Ellie and his mother go shopping.
  7. From Monday to Friday Learn the days of the week and the clock.
  8. What a mess The activities of the Ellie and Tommy before going to school.
  9. Egg rolling Tommy and Ellie play with an egg, and you can learn holidays names and about directions.

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