Check if multidimensional array

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Check if multidimensional array

How can I check in php if an array is multidimensional or not?
I get a JSON from a third-party application and I parse it in php. But sometimes data in JSON is into a simple array and othertimes they are in multidimensional array.
Is there any way to check if an array is multidimensional or not?

You can check with two count() functions. If you add a second argument as True it will recursively count the array.
Here is an example:

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$arr =[
  0 =>[
    'k1' => 'name',
    'k2' => 'link'
  1 =>[
    'k1' => 'other name',
    'k2' => 'link'

if(count($arr) ==count($arr, 1)) echo 'The array is not multidimensional';
else  echo 'It is a multidimensional array';