Award-winning building shows possibilities of mud-based construction

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Award-winning building shows possibilities of mud-based construction

Building with mud may bring to mind a simple shelter, but Anandaloy, by German architect Anna Heringer, shows that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. The project showcases the possibilities of building with mud and bamboo, and provides an impressive new therapy center and manufacturing workshop in rural Bangladesh. It has been declared the winner of the Obel Award 2020.

Anandaloy winner of Obel Award anandaloy construction mud building

Anandaloy, which means "the place of deep joy" in Bangla, measures a substantial 253 sq m (2,723 sq ft), spread over two floors.
"Mud is not just dirt – it is a real building material of high quality that you can use to build exact structures, large engineering structures and even public buildings. It is our creative task to take an old material and make something modern and appropriate to contemporary uses, needs, and aspirations. Mud buildings can be healthy, sustainable, humane, and beautiful", explains Anna Heringer.
Anandaloy is the winner of the second Obel Award, which is an annual architecture award created in 2019 that aims to celebrate works that "test the boundaries of architecture and transcend the age in which they are created."
An award ceremony took place on October 21 and, for her efforts, Heringer has received a cash prize of €100,000, plus an artwork by Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno.

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