Ajax-PHP File Manager with CKEditor

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Ajax-PHP File Manager with CKEditor

Loving your Ajax-PHP File Manager, great job! - coursesweb.net/php-mysql/ajax-php-file-manager_s2

Was thinking to using this in classroom project to allow kids ability to edit html/htm files.

Have added everything and CKEditor appears, but does not load the html/htm (or txt) contents. Nothing but blank textarea and cannot even enter anything.

Looking at dev console errors, see something like described here:


Any ideas how to incorporate CKEditor much appreciated.

The Ajax-PHP File Manager is standalone, it not need ckeditor.
You can edit html files directly in that application.
It is not made to be included in ckeditor.

Yes, I understand it does not need ckeditor to run. I was asking for help in incorporating ckeditor into it for the kids.

Sorry to have bothered you will such silly request:)


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