Some advices for healthy diseases

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Some advices for healthy diseases

Some messages and advices from the disease's country, about: "How you can be always a healthy disease".

For eye diseases:
To be some healthy eye disease: Do not look at the sun, and especially don't observe yoursef too much with your eyes closed.
- Why not look at the sun? Ask a myopia. And why to not close our eyes and observe ourself?
- Because the living light made the view, and if you look inside your mind you risk to see your own light.

For cancer:
Attack your neighbors, especially in thought. Kill and ingest animals meat, birds, fish; be killer and eat what it is sacrificed. If you can not do that, give money and buy cooked and precooked bodies. Especially, teach and force the others to be like you.

For diabetes:
Act fake and be flattering. Eat more sugar then eat something quite salty so you can want more sweets. And, no raw green vegetables.

For hemorrhoids:
Eat salty and spicy condiments, drink red wine and alcohol. Concern yourself about food and drinks.

For skin diseases:
Do not stay in the sun regularly; not a bit, or exaggerated till you get fried. Wear synthetic clothing and do not wash you with clean water, if you hve to, wash the water with some chemicals.

For all the diseases
First: do not look for peace and quiet, especially be careful, to not be happy and to not think to love and happiness, because you can die.
Do not eat fresh fruits, seeds and vegetables. If you have to eat such things, cook them a lot with fire to weaken their power of life.
Do not spend time in the nature, read and watch advertisements about diseases, even if they are about "cure diseases", don't be afraid, they attest and confirm that you exist.
Do not forgive because you might learn the true forgiveness: "As if there never happened".

- Well, these were some advices from the country of diseases; follow them and you'll be a healthy disease.
If you understand what it is about, don't share it with others because it is only for you.