Puzzle games combine imagination and intuition. Generally, these games are fun and easy to play, but some also have an advanced level of difficulty. See for yourself.

Stream Master Unlimited

Play Stream Master Unlimited
Connect the bubbles of the same colors by drawing paths to fill the entire board

Toys Lines Match-3

Play Toys Lines Match-3
Another kind of Match-3 game in which you form lines with 3 identical items

Frisky Balloons

Play Frisky Balloons
A puzzle game similar to tetris in which you form group of at least 3 identical balloons

Match 3 A New Challenge

Play Match 3 A New Challenge
A different type of Match 3 game with animal images

Happy Clown Tetriz

Play Happy Clown Tetriz
A fun puzzle game in which you need to complete the different canvases of the happy clown

Athens Treasure

Play Athens Treasure
Match the ancient stones, artifacts and coins in this addicting puzzle game

Angkor Quest

Play Angkor Quest
Angkor Quest - Rotate diamonds and form group of identical diamonds

Bubble Blob

Play Bubble Blob
Bubble Blob - Release fishes, snails and jellyfish caught in the aquarium

Cake Challenge

Play Cake Challenge
Cake Challenge - Five different puzzles, each with 5 levels requiring sense of observation and intuition.

Colors In The Sky 2

Play Colors In The Sky 2
Colors In The Sky 2 - Release a ball that travels flying on the blue sky.

Flood It

Play Flood It
Flood It - Make the square to be the same color everywhere

Flooded Village

Play Flooded Village
Flooded Village - Bring water control, safe to water plants in the village.

Grow Cube

Play Grow Cube
Grow Cube - Discover how to develop a world built on a cube.

Grow Tower

Play Grow Tower
Grow Tower - Build a tower to the maximum height, and discover a beautiful ending.
Grow Valley
Play Grow Valley
Grow Valley - Build something beautiful and modern in a desert valley.
Hidden Christmas Gifts
Play Hidden Christmas Gifts
Hidden Christmas Gifts - Find all Christmas gifts scattered and hidden.
Play Makos
Makos - An easy and relaxing puzzle game. Form pairs of 3 or more identical items on the same line.
Pharaos Treasure
Play Pharaos Treasure
Pharaos Treasure - Another puzzle game, with characters from the pyramids of the pharaohs of Egypt
Pokemon Fix My Tiles
Play Pokemon Fix My Tiles
Pokemon Fix My Tiles - Arrange puzzle pieces of a Pokemon picture.
Poppit Stress Buster
Play Poppit Stress Buster
Poppit Stress Buster - Relax breaking virtual balloons and see what is hidden.
Puzzle Freak
Play Puzzle Freak
Puzzle Freak - A dice game that includes other small games with limited time.
Sky Puzzle
Play Sky Puzzle
Sky Puzzle - Arrange the puzzle items that form a nice picture.​​
Ubooly And Friends
Play Ubooly And Friends
Ubooly And Friends - ,Solve the puzzle, finding hidden objects.
We Are Friends
Play We Are Friends
We Are Friends - Help 3 best friends to leave the Puzzle Factory.
Zoo Amigos
Play Zoo Amigos
Zoo Amigos - Simple and easy puzzle in which you click on pairs of two identical animals.
Winters Tale
Play Winters Tale
Winters Tale - Swap the pieces horizontally and vertically, so to form three identical items on the same line.
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