Puzzle games combine imagination and intuition. Generally, these games are fun and easy to play, but some also have an advanced level of difficulty. See for yourself.


Play Harvesting
Harvesting - In this puzzle collect in a basket the good apples from the tree.

Christmas Tree Light

Play Christmas Tree Light
Christmas Tree Light - In this puzzle game put the lights on in the Christmas tree.

Gingerbread House Puzzle

Play Gingerbread House Puzzle
Gingerbread House Puzzle - Reconstruct an image with the mixed parts.

Row Swap Puzzle

Play Row Swap Puzzle
Row Swap Puzzle - Restore the original image by dragging the vertical and horizontal rows.

Tile Swap Puzzle

Play Tile Swap Puzzle
Tile Swap Puzzle - Reconstruct a picture with Christmas theme.

Soccer Stadium Jigsaw

Play Soccer Stadium Jigsaw
Soccer Stadium Jigsaw - Puzzle with the image of a football stadium.

Lake View Picnic Decor

Play Lake View Picnic Decor
Lake View Picnic Decor - Compose the image of a happy family to a picnic on the lake.

Galactic Gems

Play Galactic Gems
Galactic Gems - An attractive puzzle game, form three identical diamonds on the same line.

Colour Robots

Play Colour Robots
Colour Robots - Place small robots side by side, three of the same color.

Combine Ultra

Play Combine Ultra
Combine Ultra - Rotate the balls and place them to get three of the same color.

Atlantis Quest

Play Atlantis Quest
Atlantis Quest - Recover the pieces that forms some ancient era artifacts.

The Rise Of Atlantis

Play The Rise Of Atlantis
The Rise Of Atlantis - Find the pieces to assembly ancient artifacts.


Play Pupzzle
Pupzzle - Solve various little puzzles with a smart puppy.

Lamp Of Aladdin

Play Lamp Of Aladdin
Lamp Of Aladdin - Help Aladdin in the cave where he fell with the magic lamp.
Around The World In 80 Days
Play Around The World In 80 Days
Around The World In 80 Days - Get equip necessary for traveling around the world.
Match Around The World
Play Match Around The World
Match Around The World - Discover images from the world in this puzzle: "match three".
Flower Power
Play Flower Power
Flower Power - Link 3 identical flowers, considering customer demand.
Shape Fold
Play Shape Fold
Shape Fold - Rebuild complete forms with the parts that were separated.
Shape Fold 2
Play Shape Fold 2
Shape Fold 2 - Restore an image at each level with the separate pieces.
Play Tangrams
Tangrams - Put in place various geometric shapes in an image.
Galactic Gems 2 Level Pack
Play Galactic Gems 2 Level Pack
Galactic Gems 2 Level Pack - New levels to unite three identical diamonds on the same line.
Splash Back
Play Splash Back
Splash Back - Puzzle game in which split strategically several drops.
Play Meeblings
Meeblings - Help happy little meeblings to reach the way out, to be free; using the abilities of their brothers.
Meeblings Player Pack
Play Meeblings Player Pack
Meeblings Player Pack - Other 50 levels with the happy meeblings to be freed from game levels.
Treasures Of Montezuma
Play Treasures Of Montezuma
Treasures Of Montezuma - Collect the treasures of Montezuma in this three Match puzzle game.
Thomas In Maze
Play Thomas In Maze
Thomas In Maze - As the train commander, solve the tracks problems and get Thomas and his carriages home.
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