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These games have started from the famous Japanese anime character, Naruto. He is the main avatar, along the other personages from the anime.

Hand Signs

Play Hand Signs
Find pairs of identical hand signs.

Naruto Clone

Play Naruto Clone
Test the agility of your eyes, find the original Naruto.

Naruto Dating Game

Play Naruto Dating Game
A game where you have to get meetings with the girls.

Naruto Dating Sim

Play Naruto Dating Sim
There are still a few days before the exam and Sakura, Naruto and the others must give the best.

Naruto Dress Up

Play Naruto Dress Up
Create your favorite character using different accessories.

Naruto Friends Dressup

Play Naruto Friends Dressup
Create favorite outfit for Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara

Naruto Girls Dressup

Play Naruto Girls Dressup
A Dressing Up game for girls : Sakura, Hinata, Naruko, Ina and others

Naruto Invaders

Play Naruto Invaders
An old style game with Naruto.

Naruto Super Squad

Play Naruto Super Squad
Naruto has an important mission to gather scrolls that are scattered everywhere.

Sakura Dress Up

Play Sakura Dress Up
Test with Sakura different clothing items from her wardrobe.

Naruto Games
Flash Games : Naruto Games

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