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Adventure games generally have scenes with beautiful graphics and aim to solve mysteries using different elements in game, some leading player into a world of adventures and discoveries.

Wheely 8 - Aliens

Play Wheely 8 - Aliens
The smart and brave car meets some friendly aliens who need help to repair their space ship.

Amigo Pancho 8 - The Death Star

Play Amigo Pancho 8 - The Death Star
The adventure of our Mexican friend into a space ship, to save the planet Earth.

Easy Joe 4

Play Easy Joe 4
A funky little adventure and smartness game with a good sense of humor.

Kiwi Hood

Play Kiwi Hood
A simple adventure game with a kiwi fruit, inspired from the Robin Hood story.

Qubed New Adventures

Play Qubed New Adventures
A little adventure with a cube that can divide himself into other cubes

Wheely 7 - Detective

Play Wheely 7 - Detective
In this game the smart car sets out as a detective, and solves a police case

Amigo Pancho 7 - Treasures of Tutankhamun

Play Amigo Pancho 7 - Treasures of Tutankhamun
The adventure of the friend Pancho into the pyramids in Egypt

Amigo Pancho 6 - in Afganistan

Play Amigo Pancho 6 - in Afganistan
In this game, the funny sombrero wearing protagonist goes to Afghanistan.

Wheely 6 - Fairytale

Play Wheely 6 - Fairytale
The brave and strong car knight into a fairytale adventure to to rescue his girlfriend

Wheely 5 - Armagedon

Play Wheely 5 - Armagedon
Wheely lawnmower is broken, help him to get a new grass cut machine

Wheely 4 Time Travel

Play Wheely 4 Time Travel
In his new adventure, the brave car Wheely is travelling through time

Wheely 3

Play Wheely 3
Guide the cute little car in this mission to find a new wheel for Jolie

Wheely 2

Play Wheely 2
The cute little car is back in action. In this game, he’s on a quest for love

Wheely 1

Play Wheely 1
Meet Wheely, a persistent little car that wants to go to a car race
Teddy`s Excellent Adventure
Play Teddy`s Excellent Adventure
The adventure of the little Teddy bear to find his family
A Closed World
Play A Closed World
A great flash game, come and discover a world of story
Anika Odyssey
Play Anika Odyssey
Discover a beautiful fairytale world full of adventures.
Autobuzul Lui Pongebob
Play Autobuzul Lui Pongebob
Help SpongeBob to reach the destination with his bus
Cactus Mccoy 2
Play Cactus Mccoy 2
Action adventure game with a brave cactus in desert
Cheese Hunt
Play Cheese Hunt
A mouse went on an adventure in the land of cheese.
Play Endeavor
The story of a dwarf that goes on a journey to search for family treasure.
Play Hollow
Help a cute pet to leave the cave.
Little Wheel
Play Little Wheel
A story with a robot in the world of machines and robots.
Maze Runner Missions
Play Maze Runner Missions
Run and find the map of unexplored lands.
Milk Quest
Play Milk Quest
Help a cat to go through the great adventure of the bottle with milk.
Mission To Mars
Play Mission To Mars
Complete various missions with a personage on Mars

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