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These are usually games like Sims, peaceful, or that do not fit specifically into a certain / distinct category.

Snowball Siege 2

Play Snowball Siege 2
Throw your snowballs at the ice to get the presents safely to the ground

Lost in a Fairy Tale

Play Lost in a Fairy Tale
Find hidden objects in various scenes in a fairy tale world

Me and the Key 2

Play Me and the Key 2
Each level is a mini-game in which you have to get a key

Daisy Escape Play School Fun

Play Daisy Escape Play School Fun
Help the little Daisy get ready to go to school.


Play Demoman
Play with crane and demolish the old buildings

Dexter Runaway Robot

Play Dexter Runaway Robot
Dexter must find goggles and his lost robot.

Flash Pinball

Play Flash Pinball
A virtual version of the popular mechanic Pinball game.


Play Geography
Test your geography knowledge with this educational game


Play Hiphop
Help three divas to learn to dance to the music

Lazy Town

Play Lazy Town
Game like Monopoly, with other small and funny surprises.

Nicoles Mommy Challenge

Play Nicoles Mommy Challenge
Take care of a baby, make food, have time to eat and rest a bit.

Rocket Toilet 2

Play Rocket Toilet 2
Traveling with a super toateta bowl through different eras.


Play Seed
Get various combinations, shapes and varieties of fantastic plants.

Backgammon Simple

Play Backgammon Simple
A flash version of the famous board game
Tom And Jerry
Play Tom And Jerry
Play with favorite cartoon character: Tom or Jerry.
Tom And Jerry Rig Bridge
Play Tom And Jerry Rig Bridge
Help Jerry the mouse to build the bridge to get the cheese.
Sos Snail
Play Sos Snail
Jumpings and spins with a very sporty snail.
Slice The Box
Play Slice The Box
Make precise cuts in pieces of plywood, like a virtual fretwork.
Ball Brothers
Play Ball Brothers
Some red balls wants to release their brother caught into a cage.
Snow Line
Play Snow Line
Draw Snow slopes for Santa`s sleigh.
Babysitter In Love
Play Babysitter In Love
Help Jenny to spend the time caring for a cute little baby.
Red Velvet Cake
Play Red Velvet Cake
Prepare a virtual cake with whipped cream, vanilla and cocoa.
Rollercoaster Creator
Play Rollercoaster Creator
Build attractive carousels in a virtual amusement park.
Play Boomshine
Activate as many dots as you can to hit the minimum required of each level.
Gravitex 2
Play Gravitex 2
Guide a journeying little star to the black hole, through planets that attract it with their gravity.
Music Match
Play Music Match
Simple flash game to learn the music notes and the piano keys.

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