Barbie Games addresse generally to girls. Based on the famous doll with the same name, they are fun games, easy to play, with dressing up, clothes, fashion and makeup.

Barbie Going Camping

Play Barbie Going Camping
Enjoy a relaxing day preparing and spending some time in the nature.

Ashley Tisdale Makeup

Play Ashley Tisdale Makeup
Ashley Tisdale Makeup - Barbie makeup game that addresses general to girls

Barbie Game 1

Play Barbie Game 1
Barbie Game 1 - Dress Barbie, proves more clothes and styles


Play Barbie2
Barbie2 - Test several styles of clothing with Barbie

Barbie Teenager

Play Barbie Teenager
Barbie Teenager - Barbie, a teenage girl, pretty undecided what to wear

Barbie Ballerina

Play Barbie Ballerina
Barbie Ballerina - Little Barbie into a new stance, a ballerina

Barbie Dressup

Play Barbie Dressup
Barbie Dressup - Barbie has new clothes and do not know what to wear today.

Barbie Game

Play Barbie Game
Barbie Game - Barbie waiting to prove her dresses elegant

Barbie Music

Play Barbie Music
Barbie Music - Help Barbie to choose the right clothes for.

Barbie Surfer

Play Barbie Surfer
Barbie Surfer - Dress up Barbie on the sea with her Favorite surfboards

Barbie Veterinary

Play Barbie Veterinary
Barbie Veterinary - Help Barbie to heal sick pets.

Makeover Designer

Play Makeover Designer
Makeover Designer - A complex fashion and style game for girls

Makeup Game

Play Makeup Game
Makeup Game - Try different styles of makeup, by your own imagination

Fabulous Flowers

Play Fabulous Flowers
Fabulous Flowers - Have a beautiful imagination creating a special bouquet.
Romantic Valentines Dinner
Play Romantic Valentines Dinner
Romantic Valentines Dinner - Make a great environment for a romantic dinner.
Shopaholic Models
Play Shopaholic Models
Shopaholic Models - Go shopping with a fashion supermodel.
Princess School Dress Code
Play Princess School Dress Code
Princess School Dress Code - Help a beautiful Princess prepare for the first day on the high school.
Knited Hats Anime
Play Knited Hats Anime
Knited Hats Anime - Use the accessories added in game, and your imagination to create a nice look for the pretty girl.
Sweet Home Decoration
Play Sweet Home Decoration
Sweet Home Decoration - Barbie decorates her new sweet home. Choose new furniture, layout, and make a comfortable sweet home.
Emma Christmas Tree
Play Emma Christmas Tree
Emma Christmas Tree - Use the accessories from game to decorate with Emma a beautiful tree in the Christmas holidays.
Barbie Games

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