Problem SSEP search script in site with https

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Problem SSEP search script in site with https

I now have the script ( ) crawling how I think I would like it and am trying to use the search. It seems that no matter what I search for it goes to '/ssep/index.php' and fails to find any results. The '/ssep/index.php' does not look anything like the one in the demo.

I will keep trying to figure out where I went wrong, but thanks for any help :)
You can see it and try it here:

I will also be like to line up the suggestions with the searchbox.

From what i checked, I noticed that the script did not work in sites with https.
I fixed that problem. You can download again the script, or make this simple change in the "search.htm" file (in the "templ/" folder).
- Delete the "http" protocol from the <base> tag and <a> link for home page, to be like these:

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<base href="//{$base}" />


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<a href="//{$home_page}/" title="{$home_page}" id="home_page">{$home_page}</a>

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