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  1. » Marius
    Anyone know how to directly display in HTML an image with dynamic SRC, from external URL address, using JavaScript?
    To have in html something...
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    Try this code:
    <div id="dimg">Here add image</div>
    var dimg = document.getElementById('dimg');...

  2. » Marius
    I have a jquery ajax function that is called every second, with setTimeout().
    I want an alert to pop up whenever a new message is received.
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    Try something like this, store the previous response into a variable, and alert the message if response changed:
    var msg_res =''; //store the...

  3. » mlucicom
    Hello! I have a form that insert results to database.
    Many users press this button several times until the confirmation message appears.
    How can i...
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    You can use "onclick" with:'none' , or:'hidden' ; will automatically hide the button, so, it...

  4. » mlucicom
    Hello! I have this jquery script that get all checkboxes from a div and check all at button click:
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    To much code and i cannot test it because i not have the necessary database.
    Study better the example I have gave above, that it works.
    - If the...

  5. » mlucicom
    Hello! On page:

    - i tried to add database details from sql select into a div with javascript.
    I have this php with js...
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    I think I told you in other topic, The resulted sting in javascript must be on a single line, or each new line escaped with "\"....

  6. » MarPlo
    How can I check if a Div is in viewport and detect when it exits viewport.
    Has anyone a code example or JS script that works in all browsers,...
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    Try the JavaScript script and example from this page:

    - It can be used to check if a html element is in viewport, and to get its size and top/left...

  7. » MarPlo
    How can I get the position top, left of a html element in page, for example a Div or an image?
    Also, how to get the size of a specified Div:...
    Last post » Admin
    This function, getBoxPS(), can be used to get the position and size (in pixels) of html elements in page.
    It returns an object with four properties:...

  8. » JanMolendijk
    I have this textarea
    <textarea name="details" rows="5" cols="50"...
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    Admin you thought off everything great work
    i added it & is working thanks

  9. » mlucicom
    hello! I have this page:
    When i press submit button i get an alert() with "parsererror".
    i test php code and...
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    Maybe from "functions.js", or ask the one who made the js scrips used in that page.

  10. » Marius
    How can I redirect the user from one page to another using jQuery?
    I saw both window.location = url; and window.location.href = url; How are they...
    Last post » Root13
    I think, it's better to use replace()

  11. » mluci12
    How can i get image who is choose on:
    At "SELECT VEHICLE TYPE " section?
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    I not know. You can post what code you have tried and what is not working in that code.

  12. » mluci12
    How can i get the value of this select live ( a prefix number, and add in next input?
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    See if this example helps you. The <select> element must have an "id".
    <select name="countryCode"...

  13. » dmgatwork
    I am looking for a JavaScript that will capture the browser name and version that is understandable. I want to determine if my viewers have older IE...
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    From what I know, you cannot get the user's ip with javascript unless you use ajax with a server side script or some kind of external service.

  14. » mluci12
    Hello!I want to make an webview in Javascript.I know that this is posibile but i dont know how can i do this.Please help me!
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    I not have experience with webview. From what I found on internet, it is an Android's class that allows you to display web pages as a part of...

  15. » WestJA
    Hi All, I'm new to the forum.

    my question is:
    can all html be done in javascript?

    the question has to do with parenting/siblings.
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    Hi WestJA,
    Welcome to this forum.
    You can set and add in the page the html code with javascript, you can build all the html code with javascript; but...

  16. » Marius
    I use the following jQuery code to include a css file in html page, but it doesn't work.
    var fcss ='address/file.css';...
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    To include a css file in html document, use the <link> tag (not <style>).
    You can use this javascript code:
    var fcss...

  17. » Marius
    I want to make a calendar, but I don't know how to calculate the number of days in month, in any year.
    How can I get the number of days in any...
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    You can use the daysInMonth() function from this example (month is 1 based):
    //Returns the number of days in a given month (1 - 12) and year...

  18. » mowgli
    I use the Fotorama script for a slideshow images. How can I put caption in some photo? How it is possible using this script?
    Thanks in...
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    I'm not the person who made the Fotorama script, and because I not use it, I not know very well about its customization.
    If you want to know more...

  19. » mowgli
    How to make a Fotorama different list of images for mobile and for desktop?
    For instance: desktop image 1, 2, 3 ... (1400x800) px. Mobile: 1a, 2a,3a...
    Last post » Admin
    I'm glad it works. I think it is not a problem that the slideshow starts from zero when the page rereshes, and anyway, the visitors not play with the...

  20. » Marius
    How can I shuffle /randomize an array in JavaScript? Is there a JavaScript function like shuffle() in PHP?
    Last post » Admin
    You can use this function:
    // receive an array and return it with the items shuffled /randomized
    function shuffle(ar){
    for(var j, x, i =...

  21. » crop
    i read this :

    and i tried to copy it, i made simplified version here:

    - "check.php" is present, but you...
    Last post » MarPlo
    I replaced the "onblur" event with "onchange". Now, when ALL the input fields are validated, the submit button is enabled and the...

  22. » PloMar
    I have an Ajax function that adds in page some content from server. It was working fine when the page url was with "http", but after I put...
    Last post » MarPlo
    If the page url is with "https", the Ajax request must be made with "https". So, make sure you access the file on server...

  23. » PloMar
    I have this JS script:
    function blockToggle(type,blockee,elem){
    var conf = confirm("Press OK to confirm the...
    Last post » MarPlo
    The error message indicates that there is not a HTML element in page with the id passed in the "elem" arguments.
    Check the part of your...

  24. » PloMar
    I have a dropdown select list like this:
    <select name="sel1" id="sel1">
    <option value="1">text...
    Last post » MarPlo
    You can use the selectedIndex property to get the ordered index of the selected option, then, with that index you can get the object with the...

  25. » PloMar
    How can I get the filename and extension from a variale with an URL address in JavaScript?
    The URL can be any kind of webpage address; with or...
    Last post » MarPlo
    Just use the getFilename() function from this example:
    function getFilename(url){
    // returns an object with {filename, ext} from...