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SSEP error undefined method mysqli_stmt::get_result I just installed SSEP from: http://coursesweb.net/php-mysql/ssep-site-search-engine-php-ajax_s2 , and tried a log in. I got a blank page after submitting my username and password. I found this error:[17-Feb-2017 02:05:45 UTC] PHP ..Php select script returns 500 error Hi Admin!I have a php code that select values from database but this return 500 error when i execute<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en">  <head>    <meta charset="utf-8">    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">    ..Select in mysql table with password from form not work hello,i have a problem with this code:if(isset($_POST['submit_login'])){    $txt_login=  mysqli_real_escape_string($con,$_POST['txtlogin']);    $txt_pass=  mysqli_real_escape_string($con,$_POST['txtpass']);    if(empty($txt_login) || empty($txt_pass))    {        $err=true;        $message="please enter information";    ..Php in html code Hello,have you any ideea how this work in html without <?php ?> tags?<div class="modal-title">{$lng->people_who_like_this}</div> ..CKEditor Image Browse - Browse Button Missing The browse button is missing from my Image window. There's a spot for it, but the button does not show up. It's inline-styled to have a display of ..Database insert not adds all the values Hello..i have a php social network loveparadyse.com.and this is the class for add users to database:function query() {      if($this->email_confirmation) {         $salt = md5(mt_rand());         $suspended = ..Variable index in for() loop expression in php Dear admin i try for few hours to find out how i can get an id into my code<?php for($i = (0); $i<sizeof($i);$i++){ ?>- $i = (0); the ..The king lover of knowledge, and the ascetic that gives wisdom A conqueror king, but also a knowledge-loving, goes to an ascetic that lives simple a solitary and quiet life into a cave.The king said to him firmly:- I came to ..Error: <?php echo variable in string I`m buissy with an simple upload script, every member have a own folder for pictures on my server.Now i try to add a echo variable but getting a error:Warning: move_uploaded_file(/images/<?php ..A project Thanks to Courses-Web Sorry i did not knewn how to contact you Admin, but i`m proud + Thankfull for all your help.I don`t known if you wanna have, a pressent for it back ..Add IP address in input text field Dear admin i `m thankfully for your support `just great`.With both examples for <input type="text"> it shows only string(13) but not the whole ip-adress.<input type="text" name="from" class="form-control"  value="<?php var_dump($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']); ..

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Detect when page visibility state is changed - JavaScript script to detect and execute function when page visibility state changes
The JS script presented in this page can be used to execute a JavaScript function when the page visibility state changes (when it ..Mysql SELECT JOIN tables on two different Databases - PHP AND MySQL code example that shows how to make a SQL select that joins tables from different databases.
The code example from this page shows how to make a MySQL SELECT with JOIN table of different database, using PDO.The trick is ..Making Responsive IFRAMEs - CSS code snippets for responsive iframe, both width and height. It works in desktop and mobile devices
This html and css code can be used for making an iframe responsive, both width and height, that works in modern browser; in ..Update and Delete MySQL data with data from Form - PHP-MySQL tutorial about Update and Delete MySQL data with data from HTML Form
The code presented in this tutorial shows how to Update and Delete data in MySQL table with data from HTML form. For details, ..MSLA2 - Filter Content with Multiple Select Lists with Ajax - MSLA2 - Ajax script to create filtered content with Multiple Select dropdown Lists
MSLA2 is an Ajax application (build with JavaScript and PHP) that can be used to create content that can be filtered using multiple ..The Mastery of Love - The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. Stories to impart the wisdom of three fundamental Toltec masteries: Awareness, Transformation, and Love
I just started to read this book: The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz; and I wanted to accomplish what it is ..Show Google Map image with Geolocation JavaScript object - JavaScript code snippet to show Google Map image with data from Geolocation JS object
The code snippet presented in this page can be used to add a google map image in web page with the location of ..Ajax script to Save Canvas Image on Server - Ajax script to get and Save Canvas Image on Server with PHP, in PNG format
The script presented in this page can be used to get canvas image and save it on server, in PNG format.• To download ..Draw arrow markers between clicks coords in Canvas - Javascript object to draw arrow markers between the clicks coordinates inside a canvas element
With the JavaScript object presented in this page you can draw arrow markers between two clicks coordinates inside a canvas element.The script contains ..Draw arrow markers with clicks in html element - Javascript object to draw SVG arrow markers between the clicks coordinates inside a html element
With the JavaScript object presented in this page you can draw arrow markers between the clicks coordinates inside a html element. The arrow ..

HTML Course

Free Course with lessons and tutorials from which you can learn HTML (XHTM and HTML5), the main web language used to create sites.
Even if there are several programs WYSIWYG for building Web pages without knows this language is still good to have even basic knowledge about HTML. Thus you can make and edit easily, with a professional appearance, own page on the Internet.

CSS Course - Cascading Style Sheets

Creation of HTML pages is relatively simple if you know HTML, but building a nice design, easily to edit it becomes more difficult.
With the development of Internet, the sites have become more complex, with a larger number of pages, the demands on graphics and page elements have become more demanding and thus designing web pages has become a more difficult task.
But using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), it makes it easier.
This introductory course in CSS includes several lessons from which a beginner web developer can learn the basics of style sheets, the main properties and the use of CSS (including CSS3) technology in creating web pages.

PHP-MySQL Course

At present, construction of professional, dynamic and attractive web pages requires more advanced skills than just simple knowledge of HTML and CSS.
A good web master should know a server-side language. PHP is a great programming language, it allows you to provide a dynamic Web content, which automatically change from day to day or even from one minute to another.
If you know HTML, but you have no experience in the field of programming, you can easily learn PHP and MySQL with the lessons and tutorials in this course.
This PHP-MySQL Course starts from the most simple elements of the PHP language, and then move on to details: how to create PHP programs, how to load the PHP scripts, and to the final approach more complex items, such as SQL commands, working with MySQL database, XML, using classes and OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in PHP.
The tutorials covered in this course approach in an easy and intuitive manner with numerous examples that make it easier and more understanding to learn PHP.

JavaScript / jQuery Course

In the construction of web sites the focus is to interact with visitors and to provide an easy navigation and a nice design. In this sense, the JavaScript language is very useful, it helps web programmers who wish to move from static to interactive Web development.
An important step towards interactivity was made by JavaScript, which allows the insertion of scripts in the sites that run in the user's browser, facilitating the traffic between client and server. Thus, JavaScript makes the relationship to be a true client-server system.
JavaScript has a fairly large list of commands and functions designed to process mathematical operations, to manipulate content, tags, sounds, images, URL links, objects, browser windows, etc.
If your aim is to create websites, to become a professional web programmer, it is advisable to know JavaScript too, and you can start with the lessons presented in the courses added in this web site. There are free lessons, tutorials, code-snippets, scripts, and resources for download, to learn JavaScript, and jQuery.
This course is a good start for beginners, it offers the necessary elements to learn JavaScript / jQuery , and work with it.

AJAX Course

The technologies used in creating websites and web applications are continuously developing. After 2005 became popular a new technology, or rather a new way of using together several web programming languages (server side and client side), known as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML).
Ajax is based on the JavaScript language, besides it uses HTML, CSS and a language for the server-side (like PHP or ASP).
The main thing that Ajax is used for it is to navigate through the contents of a website or sending data to the server without being recharged or opened another browser window.
The Ajax course in this site explains the basics of this technology, with examples for beginners. You can learn how to use it in the pages of your website and how to create simple Ajax applications.

Adobe Flash

Flash is an application that can create and develop multimedia elements (audio, video), text content, graphic effects, animation and even games, mostly used for Web pages. Different interfaces and applications made with Flash are used for PDAs and mobile phones (like Flash Player).
Flash can work with XML documents, scripts JavaScript, PHP and MySQL database. Due to these capabilities, Flash technology gain more ground in the field of web sites and Web development.
The Flash course in this site is free and is targeted primarily for beginners, contains tutorials and introductory lessons for those who are beginning to learn how to create Flash documents.

Sharing knowledge is not about giving people something, or getting something from them. That is only valid for information sharing.
Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities; it is about creating learning processes.
- Do everything with Pure heart and good soul.

Daily Test with Code Example

Which tag is used to add definition lists into a <dl> element?
<dt> <dd> <li>
  <dd> - Hyper Text Markup Language</dd>
  <dd> - Language for web pages</dd>
Which CSS property can hide an element on page, letting an empty space in its place?
display position visibility
#id {
  visibility: hidden;
Click on the event which is triggered when the mouse clicks on an object.
onclick onmouseover onfocus
document.getElementById("id").onclick = function(){
Indicate the PHP variable that contains the contents of both $_GET, $_POST, and $_COOKIE arrays.
if(isset($_REQUEST["id"])) {
  echo $_REQUEST["id"];
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