Other Free Courses

Here there are links to pages where you can get other free courses and resources (e-books, and video tutorials) for programming and web development: Java, ASP.NET, Python, Adobe Photoshop, and the Last course you need.

  1. Java Programming Courses and Tutorials
  2. ASP.NET Courses
  3. Adobe Photoshop Learning Resources
  4. Python Programming

• All these courses presented above, and other on this website teach you lots of things about programming and web development, invented by the human mind.
Studying these courses and tutorials, you will learn to create various applications, web sites and computer programms; virtual things into a virtual world created in the human Dream; with the purpouse to continue the illusion - Your Dream.
All of these are forms of human thoughts that need souls and time to get "life", but they do not teach you anything real, about mind, human, you, and real life, or About Your Self.

Course in Miracles
➯ This is the Last Course you need, that wants to open up your mind, to remember something you forgot, about You, Life, and Real Existence; to awake from this dream.
The course does not aim at teaching new things, or more knowledge. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks and dust that the worldly thoughts covered your mind, and thus restoring the true perception that leads to Truth.