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AdminPHP, MySQL, Ajax script to register and monitor clicks on html elements, including links and advertisements that open another page.
It can be used to track clicks on Google Adsense.
- Download link, Demo and Screenshoots in this page:...

You can use file_get_contents() to get a string with file data.
Then, with explode() you can split that string by the separator you want, and store the resulted items into an array.
- Here is a code example:
$file ='path_to/filename'; //path to the text file

Subscribe to forum posts

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AdminYou can also use a service that suscribes you to rss atom feed.
- Rss for forum posts:
- Rss for site articles:...

SSEP - Adding extra content in template

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It is simple for you.
1. To add your content in template, open the " index.php " file, and create items in $tpl array with your content; at the end of the file, BEFORE the line with " echo template() ".
- For example:

Changed html code in ssep search script

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richardwbbOh. I never was aware that when something was named 'templ', it is meant to be 'template'.
But, thank you very much, for pointing this out in such a way.
include_once '../header.php';
echo template(file_get_contents(SSEP_TEMPL .'search.htm'), $tpl);
include_once '../footer.php'; ?>
in; index.php that are the rules 75 to 78, so really around...

Websites which uses scripts from this site

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I use many scripts from here:
- MPGal - Simple Image Gallery
- CKEditor Free Image Browse Plugin
- Dynamically Button to Scroll to Top Page
- PDO_MySQLi php class
- MSLA2 - Filter Content with Multiple Select Lists with Ajax

AdminI made a page on facebook for JavaScript-jQuery section of this website.
I saw in the About link of the facebook page that I can add an unique username which will also create an URL for that page, with a short link:
Well, it sounds nice,...

Interesting natural places on the Earth

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Admin- Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, USA
This natural pool with it's rainbow coloured waters is found in the Yellowstone National Park. It is the third largest hot spring in the world and it is indeed as grand as it is prismatic. The vivid colors in the spring are...

AdminAfter I included fb-like and fb-share buttons on this website i noticed they show same count number.
When you click like or share button, the count in like and share increases simultaneously.
I searched on the internet and i found this explanation:
- Facebook Like's and Share's counter must...

Send id safety to php file

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AdminIn this case you have to make safety the Insert, Update, Delete data in database.
1. You can add a login admin script that sets a Session with logged admin.
2. Execute Insert, Update, Delete only when the logged admin session is set.
3. Perform those instruction...

javascript alert parsererror

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AdminMaybe from "functions.js", or ask the one who made the js scrips used in that page....

The Path of Prosperity

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AdminThe Path of Prosperity (by James Allen ) is a forerunning ebook on the power of positive thinking. With the teachings from this ebook you will learn how to change your life by changing your thinking.This ebook will guide you to an understanding of how to find wealth, peace and...