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Stars Not showing on Rating Script

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I think that the problem is from php server.
I notied that your server emits warning error if the date_default_timezone_set isn't specified; which affects data returned to ajax.
So, in the "ratings.php" file add the following code (before including of the "class.rating.php"), and set the time...

English video lessons for kids

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One thing CoursesWeb does great unique things.
without you i would be still very basic...
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That error appears because there is something sent to browser before session_start(); , like an "echo", or a space or other character before the starting "<?php".
Make sure you put session_start(); before you output any character to browser, not even a space before "<?php".
Also, use...

AdminIf there is a "notice_id"; in that mysql table, you can store it in a variable, then apply "echo" to that variable.
while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($sql)){
$notice_id = $row['notice_id'];
//etc.. your code
echo isset($notice_id) ?$notice_id :0;...

Just include the "siteaccess/siteaccess.js" in the html code of that page.
<script src="siteaccess/siteaccess.js"></script>
In the "siteaccess.js" file put an absolute /full path to "siteaccess.php" (with "://"), for example:'POST', ' true);
- Or, if the "siteaccess.php" file is directly in root of...

AdminIn php files, if after the last line of code there isn't other content, like html, there is not need for the closing tag "?>".
The closing tag is necessary if there is other type of code /content after the php code.
For example, in a file called...

I made some changes in the script that fixed the error you mentioned; just download the script again.
You have to start the script fresh because the new format for saving data it's a bit different.
- I implemented the script in this site too, you...

AdminGoogle announced that they joined the Coalition for Better Ads , an industry group dedicated to improving online ads; and, in 2018 Chrome will support the recently released Better Ads Standards .
For more details, visit their blog: Google blog about Better Ads Standards .
- If you have any...

Add image with dynamic src in HTML using javascript

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Try this code:
<div id="dimg">Here add image</div>
var dimg = document.getElementById('dimg');
//receives the JPG image name (without extension)
function addImg(imn){
dimg.innerHTML ='<img src=" imn +'.jpg'" >';
addImg('imgname'); //adds the image imgname.jpg
Or this:
<img src='default_image.jpg'...

Alert on jquery ajax requst when new response

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AdminTry something like this, store the previous response into a variable, and alert the message if response changed:
var msg_res =''; //store the previous response
$(document).ready(function ajax(){
type: 'GET',
url: 'recieve.php',
dataType: 'html',
success: function(response){
//if response changed, not the same...

Disable submit button after first press

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AdminYou can use "onclick" with:'none' , or:'hidden' ; will automatically hide the button, so, it will not be pressed again.
If you want with "disabled", try with "onsubmit" attribute added in <form> tag; like in this example:
<form action="" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" onsubmit="return this['submit'].setAttribute('disabled', 'disabled');">
<select name="satisfacere">

To much code and i cannot test it because i not have the necessary database.
Study better the example I have gave above, that it works.
- If the <button> has: id="'.$id22.'"
- the associated Div with checkboxes must have: id="check'.$id22.'"...