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AdminTo add FULLTEXT index to columns in that table, apply this sql in phpmyadmin:
ALTER TABLE ssep_pgd_1 ADD FULLTEXT (title);
ALTER TABLE ssep_pgd_1 ADD FULLTEXT (description);
ALTER TABLE ssep_pgd_1 ADD FULLTEXT (content);
You can use this sql code to check if the ssep_pgd_1 table has...

Problem SSEP search script in site with https

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From what i checked, I noticed that the script did not work in sites with https.
I fixed that problem. You can download again the script, or make this simple change in the "search.htm" file (in the "templ/" folder).
- Delete the "http" protocol from the...

That problem is not from that script, generally the 500 error is from server problems or from some code in .htaccess file....

melmdoostthank you for your help.
i can find this problem!
it was a space line in user_password=' $hashed_password' in register code.
all of the passwords in db had a space line. I did not realize it.
thank you any way....

Php in html code

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Admin- The form of the code that you posted it can work with a template system, like php Smarty, which must be included and configured in your php script.
Otherwise, the php code (variables, functions) have to be in <?php tag to can be interpreted by php server.

CKEditor Image Browse - Browse Button Missing

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apogeeI've figured it out. I ran side-by-side comparison to the working version and mine.
I noticed that the CKEDITOR.replace() parameters were in quotes on the demo, but only half was in quotes on mine. Removed the quotes around filebrowserImageBrowseUrl , to match the rest of the parameters, and the...

AdminIf it is inserted 'no_ref' it means that the $_GET['ref'] is False (not in the address that accesses the file) or its value is deleted by other code in that script....

Admin- What is the best thing in the word?
- The Peace.
- What is the beauiful thing in the word?
- The Light.
- What is the most pleasant in the word?
- The happiness.
- What is the most valuable gift?
- The true liberty.
- What is...

AdminA conqueror king, but also a knowledge-loving, goes to an ascetic that lives simple a solitary and quiet life into a cave.
The king said to him firmly:
- I came to conquer these lands and I heard that in these mountains there are saints and ascetics full...