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AdminI not know way it not works; maybe data from the resulted sql query is not ok for that mysql table structure.
If there is no message with errors, try to test the resulted $sql in phpmyadmin.
So, apply: echo $sql; in your code, like the example bellow,...

1. This is the syntax that you can use to sum numeric values from a column into a mysql table:
SELECT SUM(col_name) AS snr FROM table_name WHERE some_condition
2. If you want to do multiple SUM(), in multiple tables, and output them in a single SELECT statement...

Try with this code (see the relations with the IDs between tables):
$sql = "SELECT A.`user_firstname`, A.`user_lastname`, B.`mem_id`, B.`club_id`, C.`club_name`
FROM `user`AS A
ON B.`mem_id` = A.`user_id`
ON B.`club_id` =...

JanMolendijkI tried this morning a view thinks & had result just before your posting
Great support Admin thanks i`m view day`s buissy to find out how tables are working
I used this code for my succes its only without the ORDER BY t1.club_id
// connect to the...


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AdminWhen I close my eyes and I watch, I see that I not see.
When I open my eyes and I look, I no more see that I not see.
Wonder who is the blind one,
the one who sees that he not sees or the one...

Apache Installation error

PHP - MySQL 170 1

Not sure what the problem is, from what the error message says, it is possible that another application runs on the port set for Apache, or some file was not properly installed.
To see if the problem is from the port, close the other programs that are...

Add textarea to Simple Upload Script

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AdminI not know what it is that uploadmap you refer, neither what it has to do with textarea.
Maybe you not know how to say what you want. Is a <textarea> element or an <input> text field? What is Upload-map, the folder on server where the file is uploaded?

Admin- If you want to do multiple COUNT(), in multiple tables, and output them in a single SELECT statement with each COUNT being a column; you can use a SQL query like this:
(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table_1 WHERE some_condition) AS nrc1,

I have no ideea whay that error; maybe from some changes you made in script.
In my tests I didn't get such error.
Better post here a screenshoot and a link to that page....

Admin- Or, in the same approach you can encode /decode the file name with base64:
1. When uploading the file, apply base64_encode() to name (without extension).
$name ='نور صلح';
$ext ='jpg';
$fname = base64_encode($name) .'.'. $ext; //filename, base64 and extension
echo $fname; // 2YbZiNixINi12YTYrQ==.jpg

Add time to file upload name

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AdminThe character ":" is not allowed in file name; so, you should replace it with "-" or "_" in the string with the time.
$time = date("H-i-s", time()+$timezone);...

Root13About application development:
- may be helpful for u! Helped me out couple times while I was starting my own project.
Good luck!...

CKEditor imgbrowse - set plugin address

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justanumberThank you! Works great. The delete feature is very useful.
Sorry if my original request was posted in wrong thread/area.

Exit from circle

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AdminNop, I only translated it from romanian.
But I'm glad you liked it....