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  1. » niceman
    I would like to know where on my page to paste ads from google it display in this place:

    IMG (Is so big, so i don't use img tag):...
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    Thanks for an explanation and details)

  2. » mluci12
    Hello! i have this page ( All words are written in uppercase.How can i edit this ?
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    Where in that page are all the words in uppercase (put a screenshot, or copy-paste that text), because I saw in that page normal text, with...

  3. » mluci12
    I have this code
    <section class="b-search">
    <div class="container">
    <h1 class="wow zoomInUp"...
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    Those elements are set "display:inline;", but the problem is from their "width". They have set: "width:33.3%" but there...

  4. » mluci12
    Look at .The scroll up burton don't view. He is behind.Why?
    This is the css code:
    /* BackToTop button css */
    #scroll {...
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    It is not viewed because it has display:none; . Delete the "display:none;" from html and css; and add: z-index:9999; in css to #scroll.

  5. » mluci12
    Hello! How can i create a button like scroll up to redirect to a html page when is clicked.
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    What did you try? What code you have?
    I think you can make that button a simple <a> link:
    <a href="page.html"...

  6. » mluci12
    How can i block this form sending if user not select option?
    <form method="GET" action="search.php">
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    Try with the " required " attribute in the form element you want to be required.
    <form method="GET"...

  7. » PloMar
    I have 3 strings (with different sizes) next to each other on the same line.

    Some Big text Here Middle text Other string, smaller

    How can I make...
    Last post » MarPlo
    By setting vertical-align and line-height , you can center vertically the strings on the same line.
    .text_line {...

  8. » PloMar
    I have these four Divs:
    <div class="dv1">DIV 1</div>
    <div class="dv2">DIV 2</div>
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    Try changing the order of the HTML and use the css code from this example:
    .dv1 {

  9. » PloMar
    I have the following html code. I try to center vertically a text next to an image, both into a Div.
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    Try to add "vertical-align: middle;" to both elements; <img> and text.
    And, if you want to have multiple lines of text centered...

  10. » PloMar
    I have two DIVs inside a container. Like this:
    <div class="container">
    <div id="dv1">Div 1</div>
    Last post » MarPlo
    You can try the code from this example (using text-align: center; on .container, and display: inline-block; for children divs).

  11. » PloMar
    I have a text and an input field in a table cell. The column with that cell has fixed max-width (150px), the problem is that the text exceeds the...
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    Set in css the dimensions for the table and its columns, and define the width of the elements which are in the table cell to be less than the column...

  12. » PloMar
    I have a Div and a Button that uses JavaScript to alternate the class of the Div to "hide" and "show". The "hide" class...
    Last post » MarPlo
    The "display: none;" and "display: block;" are executed instantly, from what I know, you cannot animate them with only CSS. But...

  13. » PloMar
    I'm using placeholders for input fields which is working out just fine. But I'd like to use a placeholder for select options list as well.
    Of course...
    Last post » MarPlo
    Add the "disabled" and "selected" attributes in the first <option> used as placeholder.
    - disabled : stops the Option...

  14. » PloMar
    I have an input element with placeholder attribute, like this:
    <input type="text" name="yname" placeholder="Some...
    Last post » MarPlo
    This will style all input and textarea placeholders.
    - Note: Do not group these rules into a selector. Make a separate rule for every selector ....

  15. » MarPlo
    Is there a way to set thumbnail image on HTML5 video?
    I want to display some pictures before play. My code looks like this:
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    Just add the poster="image.png" attribute to the video tag.
    <video width="500" height="280"...

  16. » MarPlo
    Is it possible to set same height as width (ratio 1:1) for a html element with dynamic /fluid width, using css?
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    Simple and neet : use vw units (viewport units) for a responsive height/width according to the viewport width.
    In this example, CSS does 80% of the...

  17. » MarPlo
    I have a parent Div and another Div inside, as child element.
    The parent Div has set a background-color property, and i want to have the child Div...
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    The default value for background-color propety is transparent , not the none .
    Also, the background property is not inherited by children by...

  18. » MarPlo
    I'm trying to center a html 5 canvas using css margin properties.
    This is the code, but it doesn't work.
    <!doctype html>
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    Make the canvas a block-level element, with: display: block; (by default, canvas is an inline element).
    This code works:
    <!doctype html>...

  19. » Marius
    I'm using this simple html code:
    <html lang="en">
    <a href="#"...
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    You cannot hide /prevent the original title behavior with CSS only.
    But you can change the title attribute to e.g. " data-title " in your...

  20. » Marius
    I have a parent div and three children. i want one to float left of parent, one to be in exact center of parent, and one to float right of parent....
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    In your HTML, move the right-floated element before the element you want it to float around.
    <div id="board_container">

  21. » Marius
    In a column in the html table I have a text with reference to an image. How do I make when the mouse is over that column to appear a tooltip...
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    It can be made with HTML and CSS.
    The data in that column is added into a Div, together with the image for the tooltip. In CSS is defined the...

  22. » Marius
    I have created an unordered list, and I want to remove the bullets.
    Is it possible to have a list without bullets?
    Last post » MarPlo
    You can remove bullets with a CSS style like this:
    ul {
    list-style-type: none;
    You might also want to add padding:0; margin:0; to that,...

  23. » Marius
    Which is better to use:
    <input type="button" />
    What are the main differences between the...
    Last post » Admin
    From what i found on the internet.
    You can put html into a <BUTTON> tag, for example an image, or other tags, and it is much easier to style...

  24. » Marius
    When I want to refer to some part of a webpage with the ""-method, should I use:
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    In HTML5 the <a> element has no name attribute.
    My vote is for ID.
    <a href="#Mark">Link Text</a>

  25. » Marius
    I have some DIVs added one after the other, positioned inline, when one of them changes its contents, it appears positioned below the other....
    Last post » MarPlo
    Try set in CSS: max-height and max-width to those DIVs.
    And, you can test these css properties to see which is better for what you want: