php maximum upload file size

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php maximum upload file size

Dear admin i`m back again with an question
I wanna use your file upload script
sets maximum file size allowed (in KB). Is it posible to use maximum 600 MB for video-upload ?

I didn't test the script for large video file, but i think it is possible.
Anyway, it depends of the configurations set in php.ini.
For example, these three instructions in php.ini must have set at least 600 M:

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memory_limit = 650M
upload_max_filesize = 600M
post_max_size = 602M

- Also, the maxium memory limit allowed by the hosting server should be larger than post_max_size.

Dear admin this is standing in my php.ini:

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memory_limit   128M   
upload_max_filesize   2M   
post_max_size   8M   

Furter i have a simple computer with a experiabox for normal internet, where i host on my computer a website.
i did this with port-forward.
I don`t known the maxium memory limit allowed by the hosting server.
Must i still change the value in php.ini en try out or ???

I not have experience with hosting and server settings; but you can try to change those settings in php.ini and see if it works.
- After you make and save the changes, you must restart the server.
This is all I know about this subject.

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