JavaScript - Get Filename and Extension from URL

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JavaScript - Get Filename and Extension from URL

How can I get the filename and extension from a variale with an URL address in JavaScript?
The URL can be any kind of webpage address; with or without ?query and #hash, for example:

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Also, without extension

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- I want to get separately the "filename" and "ext" (if exists).
Any code example or ideea?

Just use the getFilename() function from this example:

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<script> function getFilename(url){ // returns an object with {filename, ext} from url (from: ) // get the part after last /, then replace any query and hash part url = url.split('/').pop().replace(/\#(.*?)$/, '').replace(/\?(.*?)$/, ''); url = url.split('.'); // separates filename and extension return {filename: (url[0] || ''), ext: (url[1] || '')} } // Usage var url = 'http;//'; var ob_fm = getFilename(url); // object with: ob_fm.filename and ob_fm.ext // test console.log(url_file); // {filename: "index", ext: "php"} </script>

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