Ajax-PHP Filemanager - Error create new directory

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Ajax-PHP Filemanager - Error create new directory


When I try to create a new directory I receive the following pop up error:

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E_InvalidPath /customers/a/9/a/mydomain.com/httpd.www/http://mydomain.com...... and so on

And when I try to add a file, I can browse to the file and choose the file. but when I click "upload", I receive the error below:

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Path doesn't exist

Hope you can help me with this problem.

Best regards

Did you make any changes in the html /php code? Did you test with the "fileman.html" file and the default "test/" directory?
Did you add correctly the location of the root directory in "FILES_ROOT" (in "conf.php"), relative from website root?
First, try to test the script on localhost.

I just tested the script on localhost, and it works.
I not know way you get that error, but something is changed.
To can figure out what the problem is, send me a private message with the address of the fileman.html and the login data for file manager (name / password), so i can test.

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