The script presented in this page is a tool to calculate surface area, perimeter and other dimensions (radius, diagonal, height) of various 2D geometrical shapes: circle, ellipse, triangle, hexagon, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, square, trapezoid.
This calculator shows also the mathematical formulas used to calculate the area, perimeter, and the other dimensions.

Calculate Area and Perimeter

JavaScript script to calculate surface area and perimeter.
Find area and perimeter of various 2d geometrical shapes.

Select an object

• To Download this script, click: Area and Perimeter Calculator.

Daily Test with Code Example

What attribute makes a radio button or checkbox input selected?
checked="checked" selected="selected" disabled="disabled"
<input type="checkbox" name="a_name" value="value" checked="checked" />
What CSS value scales the background image to the largest size contained within the element?
repeat-x contain linear-gradient
#id {
What operator is used to determine the rest of the division of two numbers?
% * /
var rest8_7 = 8 % 7;
Indicate the PHP function that rounds a number up to the next highest integer.
floor() ceil() abs()
$nr = ceil(3.5);
echo $nr;        // 4
Area and Perimeter Calculator for 2D shapes

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