- All these scripts are free, and have helpful explanations in their code, useful for those interested to learn PHP.

  1. SSEP - Site Search Engine PHP-Ajax
  2. Ajax-PHP File Manager
  3. CKEditor Free Image Uploader Addon
  4. MySQLDumper - Backup MySQL Database
  5. Website Mini-Traffic and Pages Access data
  6. Simple PHP Upload Script
  7. Script Users Register, Login, Online
  8. Pagination Class - Script to paginate content
  9. Contact Form, PHP - AJAX
  10. Script comments with pagination
  11. Blog CMS with Ajax - jQuery
  12. Upload Script for Gallery of Images and Audio files
  13. PHP Chat Script
  14. Voting Poll System script PHP-AJAX
  15. Ajax-PHP Rating Stars Script
  16. Ajax Voting Script - Vote Up Down
  17. Last Google Cache of Web Page
  18. PHP Script Website Mini-Traffic

If God wants, new PHP - MySQL - AJAX scripts will be added soon.

Daily Test with Code Example

What attribute makes the input text box to not be modified by the user?
checked="checked" readonly="readonly" disabled="disabled"
<input type="text" value="fixed-value" readonly="readonly" name="a_name" />
What CSS property allows you to create rounded corners in your webpage design?
background-size border-size border-radius
.class {
  border:2px solid blue;
What instruction displays a confirmation dialog box to the viewer, who must then click OK or Cancel to proceed?
indexOf() confirm() prompt()
var ques = window.confirm("The result of 0+0 is 0?");
if (ques) alert("Corect");
else alert("Incorrect");
Indicate the PHP function that returns the lowest number of the parameter values.
floor() ceil() min()
$min_nr = min(12, 8, 25, 13);
echo $min_nr;        // 8
PHP-MySQL Scripts

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