To access and use a variable or function dinamically, with Name from a String in JavaScript, just use the window object, with this syntax:

// For function
Here is some examples, see the explanations in code.
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1. Using variable with name stored into a string.
var vr_name = 'vr1';    // string with name of a variable

var vr1 = '';

// uses variable with name stored as string in vr_name
// window[vr_name] /window["vr1"] is the value of vr1
var site = 'http://'+ window[vr_name];

// Test
alert(site);    //

2. Using variable dinamically, with name stored into a string in object.
// object with strings with variable names
var vr_name = {'v1':'vr1', 'v2':'vr2'};
var vr1 = '';
var vr2 = '';

// uses variable dinamically, with name stored as string in vr_name
var i = 2;
var site = 'http://'+ window[vr_name['v'+ i]];

// Test
alert(site);    //

3. Calling function with name stored into a string.
function f1(a, b) {
  return a + b;

var f_name = 'f1';    // string with function name

// uses function with name stored as string in f_name
// window[f_name](parameters) calls the f1(parameters)
var sum = window[f_name](12, 23);

// Test
alert(sum);    // 35

4. Calling an object method with name stored in string into an object (use: object["method_name"](parameters)).
// object with strings with method names
var methods = {'m1':'hi1', 'm2':'hi2'};

// object with two methods
var obj = {
  'hi1': function(name) {
    return 'Hello dear '+ name;
  'hi2': function(name) {
    return 'Hola '+ name;

// uses object method with name stored as string in methods
var hi = obj[methods['m1']]('ME');

// Test
alert(hi);    // Hello dear ME

Daily Test with Code Example

Which tag is used in <table> to create table header cell?
<thead> <th> <td>
  <th>Title 1</th>
  <th>Title 2</th>
Which CSS property sets the distance between lines?
line-height word-spacing margin
.some_class {
  line-height: 150%;
Which function opens a new browser window.
alert() confirm() open()
document.getElementById("id_button").onclick = function(){"");
Indicate the PHP function that returns an array with names of the files and folders inside a directory.
mkdir() scandir() readdir()
$ar_dir = scandir("dir_name");
Using Variable and Function with Name from String in JavaScript

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