The knowledge of HTML is the most important step for those who want to build quality web pages.
- Here you will find tutorials, online lessons, examples, courses and resources that teach you HTML.
The HTML lessons in this course are free and are best suited for beginners in web development, who want to learn how to create Web pages manually, using the HTML language.

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HTML Lessons

  1. Introduction
    - A brief introduction about HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), a language used to create webpages. Some introductive presentations.
  2. Basic HTML elements
    - The main HTML elements, HEAD, TITLE, BODY, the general structure of a HTML document.
  3. Building and editing HTML webpage
    - A lesson about how to build and edit a HTML webpage, using just a simple text editor.
  4. HTML Headings and Comments
    - What HTML Headings are, how to add headings, h1, h2, ... h6, and comments into an HTML document.
  5. Paragraphs, Line break, Horizontal rule
    - HTML course, create Paragraphs, add Line break and Horizontal rule.
  6. HTML Text Formatting
    - Text Formatting - how to use FONT tag, its attributes: size, color; and other formatting tags to display text in various format: bold, italic, underline, strike, ... etc.
  7. HTML Lists (UL, OL, LI, DL)
    - How to create unordered, ordered, and definition lists in a web page, <ul>, <ol>, <li>, <dl> tags.
  8. Adding images
    - Adding images in a web page, attributes of the IMG tag, src, width, height, and others.
  9. Hyperlinks - Links
    - Adding Hyperlinks in HTML document, create Links in a Web page, <a> tag.
  10. Image Map
    - Image Maps in HTML document, creating multiple areas and links in a single image-map. <map> and <area> tags.
  11. HTML Tables
    - Working with Tables. Table elements and structure, rows, cols, thead, tbody, caption, and attributes (width, height, border, align, colspan, rowspan, ...).
  12. Forms and Input
    - How to create Forms, input fields, buttons, select list, checkboxes, textarea, and other form elements.
  13. New Form elements and attributes in HTML5
    - New Form input types and attributes added in HTML5, date-pickers, number, range, email, url, search, color, datalist and other new elements.
  14. CSS - Cascading Style Sheets in HTML
    - Applying formatting using CSS - Cascading Style Sheets. Creating style rules in internal and external style sheet.
  15. DIV and SPAN
    - About DIV and SPAN HTML tags. How to use and work with DIV, SPAN and CSS styles.
  16. Using Frames
    - Working with frames in HTML, using FRAME, FRAMESET and IFRAME.
  17. HTML Meta tags for search engines
    - Meta tags used for page indexing optimization in search engines, content, description, keywords, author, alternate. Meta redirect.
  18. HTML object and param
    - How to embed media content (such as an image, Java applet, movie, audio, SWF Flash, PDF files, or even another HTML file) on a web page. Adding Param properties to <object>...</object>.
  19. XHTML vs HTML
    - Differences between XHTML and HTML, XHTML syntax rules.
  20. Colors - Codes and Names
    - Colors in the web page, their hexadecimal and RGB Codes, combinations of red, green, blue, color Names.
  21. HTML Symbol Entities
    - Symbol Entities supported by HTML, mathematical symbols, Latin characters, Greek letters, other entities.

Daily Test with Code Example

Which tag is used to add definition lists into a <dl> element?
<dt> <dd> <li>
  <dd> - Hyper Text Markup Language</dd>
  <dd> - Language for web pages</dd>
Which CSS property can hide an element on page, letting an empty space in its place?
display position visibility
#id {
  visibility: hidden;
Click on the event which is triggered when the mouse clicks on an object.
onclick onmouseover onfocus
document.getElementById("id").onclick = function(){
Indicate the PHP variable that contains the contents of both $_GET, $_POST, and $_COOKIE arrays.
if(isset($_REQUEST["id"])) {
  echo $_REQUEST["id"];
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