- These lessons are free and show how to use Adobe Flash CS5, starting from the introductory part, the elements and working tools of the Adobe Flash application, continuing with more advanced things: symbols, animations, and other.
  1. Introduction to Adobe Flash
  2. Viewing the Flash Window
  3. Simple Flash animation, Save, Export
  4. The Stage, Panels and Tools in Flash
  5. Merge Drawing and Object Drawing
  6. Rectangle, Oval, Polygon - Star
  7. Line and Text
  8. Brush and Eraser
  9. Selection Tools
  10. Pencil and Pen Tools
  11. Paint Bucket and Eyedropper
  12. Deco Tool
  13. Snap to Objects and Snap Align
  14. Creating Custom Colors
  15. Creating Gradients
  16. Grouping elements in Stage
  17. Overlapping, Alignment and Rotation
  18. Working with Symbols and their Instances
  19. Graphic Symbols
  20. Movie Clip Symbols
  21. Button Symbols
  22. Importing images
  23. Animating in Flash - Frame-by-Frame Animation
  24. Classic Tween - Flash Animation
  25. Motion Tween - Flash Animation
  26. Shape Tween - Flash Animation
  27. Multiframe Symbols
  28. Add sounds and audio effects in Flash
  29. Using the Bone Tool
  30. Animating Armature - Pose Frames
  31. Bind Tool and Control Points
  32. Creating Mask Layers in Flash
  33. Objects in 3D Space

Daily Test with Code Example

What attribute makes a radio button or checkbox input selected?
checked="checked" selected="selected" disabled="disabled"
<input type="checkbox" name="a_name" value="value" checked="checked" />
What CSS value scales the background image to the largest size contained within the element?
repeat-x contain linear-gradient
#id {
What operator is used to determine the rest of the division of two numbers?
% * /
var rest8_7 = 8 % 7;
Indicate the PHP function that rounds a number up to the next highest integer.
floor() ceil() abs()
$nr = ceil(3.5);
echo $nr;        // 4
Lessons Adobe Flash CS5 course

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