∼ The thought in the first part of the day:

Everything of the human being are at the level of each one.

I think the life is for learning, using the body to comunicate with the others in this learning dream.
The easiest, and beatiful way to learn is by way of playing.
The Web Programming and Development was one of the Games that my self enjoyed to play. Now I want to go above, because this is my way, now with spirituality and transmiting throw this level of comunication the steps I made, knowledge that I discovered from books, from nature, from my own revelations and my spiritual experiences that guide me to Wake Up full of happiness from this Dream.
This section is generally about Spirituality (reflections of light), my own ideas, and reflexions about life, mind, and all I can perceive, a Wake Up Call.
- What is spirituality? If I try to tell with words, I'll just express other words, and a subjective opinion; the words are not reality, they just describe other words, or symbols. Better taste it yourself, and you will know.

Someone told me that I'm dreaming, and I need to wake up. I liked what he told me about wake up, that I started to search to know more about the awakening. But, I'm still Dreaming, because I'm so busy to look for, to listen and talk about Awaking, that I forgot to listen the voice of my true self, to really wake up myself.
If you know that this is a dream, and you want to wake up, you do not need to search more for awakening stories, this will just continue to keep you (me) in your dream; just try to listen the silence, the voice of God, with a pure Soul and a clear mind, to See the Real Light and Life.

- If you like to dream, you can have a happy dream, doing nothing, just accepting everything with a peacefully, serene and gentle mind, knowing it's just a dream, and is as holy as you (me).

Forgive me, I have no wish for more ideeas; just Peace.
Try to accept me,
And see, what is your truly wish?

When all here is a virtual illusion.
Way to involve others too?
When the Truth is inside me
And all the Time and Life around me,
Is from within you.

Course in Miracles

  This is the Last Course you need, that wants to open up your mind, understanding that there is no need to do anything, and to remember something you forgot, about You, Life, and Real Existence; to awake from this dream.
The course does not aim at teaching new things, or more knowledge. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks and dust that the worldly thoughts covered your mind, and thus restoring the true perception that leads to Truth ... See the Page

Awareness - by Anthony de Mello

  A collection of extracted from the spiritual conferences of the Anthony de Mello, in His Own Words.
This is your wake-up call! You may not have even realized you were sleep-walking. Most of us are most of the time. Awareness is an eye-opener ... See the Page

The Power of Now

  The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.
in this book, Eckhart Tolle tells us about the real time / moment that is the life, the instant of now, about the illusions of the mind, and shows us how to freeing ourself from our mind, and connect with what he calls our Being ... See the Page

The Essene Gospel of Peace

  The Essene Gospel of Peace is part of what are called the Dead Sea Scrolls, and was discovered in the Vatican library and translated into English by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. It appears to be a genuine manuscript written at the time of Christ or shortly thereafter.
The Essene Gospel of Peace is presented in four books: Book One, The Unknown Books of the Essenes, Lost Scrolls of the Essene, The Teachings of the Elect; plus: Essene Book of Revelations. ... See the Page

Stories and parables for Enlightenment

  Some Stories with talcum and parables for Enlightenment, I have read and I like to share.

The industrialist saw a fisherman lying beside his boat, doing nothing.
- Why aren’t you out fishing? said the industrialist.
- Because I have caught enough fish for the day.
- Why don’t you catch some more?
- What would I do with it?
- Earn more money. Then you could have a motor fixed to your boat and go into deeper waters and catch more fish. Thai would bring you money to buy nylon nets, so more fish, more money. Soon you would have enough to buy two boats... even a fleet of boots. Then you could be rich like me.
- What would I do then?
- Then you could really enjoy life.
- What do you think I am doing now?
Which would you rather have: a fortune or a capacity for enjoyment? ... See the Page

The Fifth Agreement

  A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery (A Toltec Wisdom Book), by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz.
- The five Agreements described in this book:
1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don't take anything personally.
3. Don't manage assumptions.
4. Always do your best.
5. Be skeptical and learn to listen. ... See the Page

Prayer The Art of Believing

This book (by Neville Goddard) tells you how important it is to keep a positive view of the prayer subject, and to see the prayer as fullfilled while you are praying.
PRAYER is an art and requires practice. The first requirement is a controlled imagination. Parade and vain repetitions are foreign to prayer. Its exercise requires tranquility and peace of mind, "Use not vain repetitions," for prayer is done in secret and "thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly."
The ceremonies that are customarily used in prayer are mere superstitions and have been invented to give prayer an air of solemnity. Those who do practice the art of prayer are often ignorant of the laws that control it. ... See the Page

Love and Desire

Love and Desire, i see them as two different ways of life. Love as being from the heart, spirit; and desire coming from the mind, or what we call ego.
Love is the easy way, the natural path, because it is in harmony with all that exists. Desire is a path dotted with pain.
The desire to live can appear as something positive, normal; but it is selfish, it is not in harmony with everything that is life, it is out of fear of death.
The one that has love for life, lives by nature in harmony with all the life around him, and life loves him and helps him live happily without having his own desire separately in this. ... See the Page

Will and Faith

- And everything that you ask for, praying with faith, you will receive.
- If you can believe, everything is possible for the one that believes.

To ask for something means to want something. Will and Faith are closely linked, as the Seed and the Plant that will grow from it.
As the plant /tree is in the seed, Faith is in our Will; and with faith we get the willed thing, as from the plant we get its fruit. ... See All

Spiritual Jokes and Anecdotes

It's in our power to smile and sow good vibes around us, we'll reap joy.

A frog saw a millipede and marveled at how easy he can walk with tens of feet, so the frog asked.
- Sir centipede, how can you walk so easy with so many legs?
The millipede stopped, thinking how does it wolk. But when he began to think he could not walk any more. ... See the Page

Writings for My Brother

- When I see, I see myself.
- When I hear, I hear me.
- When I speak (transmit), I express myself.
- When I am aware that I feel, I feel myself.
- I Live in Myself. (Myself is Our-Self). ... See All

The One Straw Revolution

Call it "Zen and the Art of Farming" or a "Little Green Book" Masanobu Fukuoka’s manifesto about farming, eating, and the limits of human knowledge, presents a radical challenge to the global systems we rely on for our food. At the same time, it is a spiritual memoir of a man whose innovative system of cultivating the earth reflects a deep faith in the wholeness and balance of the natural world. ... See the Page

Nature can teach me about Spirituality

When you show the moon to a dog, the dog looks to the finger that points to the moon.
You can make the same with your thoughts. When a thought tell something about someone, about a thing, or any situation, don't look with your mind to what the thought indicates, but just observe the thought. ... See the Page

Light the Stars - Game

I like programming, I like spirituality, I like peaceful and clever games; and so it resulted this game ... See the Page


Vistas from a wandering mind in the search of her-self.
- Anything which not exists is neither good nor bad. Everything that exists is good, because God Is... See the Page
Wake Up!

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