It's posible new AJAX tutorials (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) to be added soon.

  1. Execute JavaScript scripts loaded via AJAX
  2. Multiple upload files
  3. Multiple Select Dropdown List with AJAX
  4. Check and Validate input field when loses focus, with PHP via Ajax

Daily Test with Code Example

Which type of <input> creates a date input control, such as a pop-up calendar?
type="text" type="date" type="button"
<input type="date" name="set_date" value="2012-10-15" />
Which CSS property adds shadow effects to the text of an element?
font-style color text-shadow
h2 {
  text-shadow: 2px 3px 3px #a0a1fe;
Click on the function that adds new elements to the end of an array.
pop() shift() push()
var pags = ["lessons", "courses"];
pags.push("download", "tutorials");
alert(pags[2]);            // download
Which function sorts an array by key, in ascending order, maintaining key to data correlations?
asort() ksort() sort()
$lang = array(10=>"PHP", 20=>"JavaScript", "site"=>"");
var_export($lang);     // array ("site"=>"", 10=>"PHP", 20=>"JavaScript")
AJAX Tutorials

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