- Here you can find some useful PHP classes that are free on the net, and helpful for PHP Web Developers, to create and add easily various elements in your web site.

Daily Test with Code Example

Which type of <input> creates input fields that should contain a numeric value?
type="text" type="number" type="date"
<input type="number" name="points" min="5" max="80" />
Which CSS property allows to change the transparency of an element?
font-style opacity color
#id {
  filter:alpha(opacity=40);    /* for IE */
Click on the function that formats a number to specified number of characters.
toPrecision() exp() toFixed()
var num = 12.34567;
alert( num.toPrecision(3) );       // 12.3
Which function randomizes the order of the elements into an array?
natsort() shuffle() sort()
$lang =[10=>"PHP", 20=>"JavaScript", "site"=>"coursesweb.net");
var_export($lang);     // array (0=>"coursesweb.net", 1=>"PHP", 2=>"JavaScript")
Useful PHP Classes

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