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Here you will find links to pages where you can download for free various resources to learn how to build web sites and applications with PHP and MySQL; ebooks in PDF-format, audio-video courses and tutorials.

Ebooks - courses in PDF format

  1. Learn PHP 7 (4.2 MB)
    • Object-Oriented Modular Programming using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, XML, JSON, and MySQL.
      This book uses the concept of "learning by doing", which shows the reader how to develop applications with conditional statements, loops, arrays, and methods. Over 70 PHP methods (functions) are introduced and demonstrated in coding examples.
      From the very first examples, the reader is introduced to object-oriented programming techniques. XML, JSON, and MySQL examples are provided.
      A natural relationship between PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript is demonstrated throughout the book, as one of the major strengths of PHP
      You don't need to have programming experience becouse this ebook will teach you, and goes beyond the point of showing you how to create a quick and easy web site, it helps you deliver better quality software in less time with PHP6.
      It contains 45 chapters that teach readers about the basics of PHP programming and many advanced tehniques: Integrating PHP and MySQL, Object-Oriented PHP, Debugging PHP Programs, and many other things, accompanied by files with example code.
      - The archive contains: pdf file, and source code with the examples from book.
  2. PHP 7 in easy steps (8.9 MB)
    • PHP 7 in easy steps will teach you to code server-side scripts. It begins by explaining how to install a free web server and the PHP interpreter to create an environment in which you can produce your own data-driven server-side web pages. You will learn how to write PHP server-side scripts and how to make MySQL database queries. Examples illustrate how to store and retrieve Session Data, how to provide a Message Board, and how to access Web Services APIs over Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
  3. PHP 7 Programming Cookbook (16 MB)
    • This e-book demonstrates intermediate to superior PHP methods with a concentrate on PHP 7. Every recipe is designed to resolve sensible, real-world issues confronted by PHP builders like your self day-after-day. We additionally cowl new methods of writing PHP code made potential solely in model 7. As well as, we talk about backward-compatibility breaks and provide you with loads of steerage on when and the place PHP 5 code must be modified to provide the right outcomes when working below PHP 7. This e book additionally incorporates the newest PHP 7.x options.
      By the tip of the e book, you'll be geared up with the instruments and expertise required to ship environment friendly functions on your web sites and enterprises.
      - The archive contains: pdf file, and source code with the examples from book.
  4. PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice - 5th edition (6.8 MB)
    • This book is suitable for anyone with at least a basic knowledge of PHP who wants to use its object-oriented features in their projects. It is designed to help readers develop elegant and rock-solid systems through mastery of three key elements: object fundamentals, design principles, and development best practice.
      It is a practical book full of example code.
      It begins by covering PHP's object-oriented features (fully updated for PHP 7). It introduces key topics including class declaration, inheritance, reflection and much more.
      The next section is devoted to design patterns. It explains the principles that make patterns powerful. The book covers many of the classic design patterns and includes chapters on enterprise and database patterns.
      The last segment of the book covers the tools and practices that can help turn great code into a successful project. The section shows how to manage multiple developers and releases with git, how to manage builds and dependencies with Composer. It also explores strategies for automated testing and continuous integration.
      - The archive contains: pdf file, and source code with the examples from book.
  5. PHP 7 Data Structures and Algorithms (4.1 MB)
    • The book begins by introducing you to data structures and algorithms and how to solve a problem from beginning to end using them. Once you are well aware of the basics, it covers the core aspects like arrays, listed lists, stacks and queues.
      It will take you through several methods of finding efficient algorithms and show you which ones you should implement in each scenario. In addition to this, you will explore the possibilities of functional data structures using PHP and go through advanced algorithms and graphs as well as dynamic programming.
      By the end, you will be confident enough to tackle both basic and advanced data structures, understand how they work, and know when to use them in your day-to-day work.
      - The archive contains: pdf file, and source code with the examples from book.
  6. Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 - 3rd Edition - June 2014 (23.6 MB)
    • Build interactive, data-driven websites with open-source technologies and web standards, even if you only have basic HTML knowledge. With this guide, you'll tackle dynamic web programming with the help of: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.
      Explore each technology separately and learn how to use them together.
      - Understand the essentials of PHP and the basics of object-oriented programming Master MySQL, from database structure to complex queries.
      - Create interactive web pages with PHP and MySQL by integrating forms and other HTML features.
      - Get a thorough grounding in JavaScript, from functions and event handling to accessing the Document Object Model.
      At the end of the book, you'll put everything together to build a fully functional social networking site.
      - The archive contains: pdf file, and source code with the examples from book.

Video courses and tutorials

  1. PHP 7 Programming Solutions: ( P7PS 1 - P7PS 2 - P7PS 3 ) [1.77 GB]
    • This course demonstrates intermediate to advanced PHP techniques with a focus on PHP 7. Each video is designed to solve practical, real-world problems faced by PHP developers like yourself every day.
      We also cover new ways of writing PHP code made possible only in version 7. In addition, we discuss backward-compatibility breaks and give you plenty of guidance on when and where PHP 5 code needs to be changed to produce the correct results when running under PHP 7. This course also incorporates the latest PHP 7.x features.
      By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the tools and skills required to deliver efficient applications for your websites and enterprises.

      - From:
  2. Learning PHP 7: [560 MB]
    • Learning PHP 7 demonstrates how to script for the web, providing everything from simple PHP commands to advanced data manipulations.
      The course takes a deep dive into basic PHP concepts such as variables, constants, operators, arrays, conditionals, and loops, object-oriented paradigms and coding standards, which every developer needs to master.
      The core of the course lies in creation of a fun social web application where a viewer can post and share pictures including features of likes and comments. The use of several controllers in the application provides the viewer with a learning curve to add more interactivity to their own applications.
      The course also shows you how to build an administrative panel with an intuitive menu and create a dynamic page to manage the users, photos, and comments in the application.
      Important topics such as creating an API for an RSS feed, deploying with Docker and Amazon AWS, and versioning with Git are a real bonus for blooming web developers.

      - From:
  3. Write PHP Like a Pro: Build a PHP MVC Framework From Scratch: ( WPBF 1 - WPBF 2 ) [224 MB]
    • Learn the basic concepts of using a model-view-controller framework that will make your PHP projects faster, easier to write and maintain, and more secure by Building a PHP MVC Framework from Scratch.
      Model-view-controller (MVC) pattern concepts.
      Build an MVC framework in PHP from scratch.
      Separate application code from presentation code.
      Use namespaces and an autoloader to load classes automatically.
      Beginning with a single PHP script, each lecture explains what you’re going to add to the code and why, building up the framework step by step. At the end of this course, you’ll have built a complete MVC framework in PHP, ready to use in your own projects.

      - From:
  4. Resizing and Watermarking Images with PHP [302 MB]
    • This course shows how to use the GD functions in PHP to resize images and add an optional watermark to them.
      Dreate and use a custom PHP class that can batch process multiple images, automatically detect the correct MIME type, generate custom sizes, and add an optional watermark.
      Topics include:
      Scaling an image with imagescale()
      Resizing an image with imagecopyresampled()
      Adding watermarks
      Correcting orientation
      Batch processing images

      - From:
  5. Send and Receive SMS with PHP Application [294 MB]
    • With this video course you can learn to send SMS messages with your PHP application, and to implement a SMS feature to any PHP website or application.

      - From:

Daily Test with Code Example

Which tag is used to include external CSS file in web page?
<body> <script> <link>
<link href="/templ/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
Which CSS property sets the text size?
font-weight text-decoration font-size
h2 {
  font-size: 1em;
Indicate the JavaScript property that can add HTML code into an element.
text value innerHTML
document.getElementById("someID").innerHTML = "HTML content";
Click on the function that returns the number of characters of a string in PHP.
count() strlen() stristr()
$str = "";
$nr_chr = strlen($str);
echo $nr_chr;       // 22
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