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Laravel is a flexible PHP framework for modern web development, that will make the development process easier and much faster, following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

This Laravel Mini-Course is indicated for web developers that know PHP; it contains tutorials for beginner and average level with examples and codes from what I studied about Laravel from various resources on the internet.

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Daily Test with Code Example

What attribute makes an option from <select> selected?
checked="checked" selected="selected" disabled="disabled"
<select name="a_name">
 <option value="val1">Option 1</option>
 <option value="val2" selected="selected">Option 2</option>
What CSS value allows to create color gradients for background?
contain repeat-x linear-gradient
#id {
  background: linear-gradient(top left, #1f1, #fff, #11f);
What statement creates an array in JavaScript?
[] {} new Object()
var arr = [1, "", ""];
Indicate the PHP function used to redirect to other page.
function() header() switch()
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