The code presented in this page can be used to detect if the visitor has an Ad-Blocker that blocks Ads in page, and to display a friendly message to visitor when the JavaScript is disabled or Ads are blocked.
The script was tested with Adblock Plus.

Script code

- Just add the following HTML /CSS /JS code in the pages of your website.

border:2px solid #0000be;

<div id='jsad_notify'>
Parts of this site works with JavaScript enabled; and without AdBlock.<br>
Please consider supporting us by disabling your Ad-Blocker on this website.

//if JavaScript enabled, it hides #jsad_notify
var jsad_notify = document.querySelector('#jsad_notify'); ='none';

//adds a child-element in page which usually is blocked by Ad-Blocker
var test_adb = document.createElement('div');
test_adb.innerHTML ='&nbsp;';
test_adb.className ='adsbox';
 //if Ads blocked it shows the message, else it removes the #jsad_notify
 if(test_adb.offsetHeight ===0) ='block';
 else jsad_notify.outerHTML ='';

 document.body.removeChild(test_adb); //removes test_adb elm.
}, 700);

To change the position and design of the message, edit the CSS properties of the #jsad_notify element.

Daily Test with Code Example

Which meta tag provides a short description of the page?
<meta content="..."> <meta description="..."> <meta http-equiv="...">
<meta name="description" content="70-160 characters that describes the content of the page" />
Which CSS property is used to stop the wrapping effect of the "float"?
clear text-align position
#some_id {
  clear: both;
Click on the method which gets an array with all the elements in the document that have a specified tag name.
getElementsByName() getElementById() getElementsByTagName()
var divs = document.getElementsByTagName("div");
var nr_divs = divs.length;
Indicate the PHP function which returns the number of elements in array.
is_[) count() strlen()
$arr =[7, 8, "abc", 10);
$nri = count($arr);
echo $nri;        // 4
Show a message if JavaScript disabled or Ad-Blocker

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