Here are stored old references and tutorials, created before HTML5.
These tutorials where available for XHTML, which was replaced by new version of HTML5, and they are no longer up to date neither used by actual web developers.

Daily Test with Code Example

Which meta tag provides a short description of the page?
<meta content="..."> <meta description="..."> <meta http-equiv="...">
<meta name="description" content="70-160 characters that describes the content of the page" />
Which CSS property is used to stop the wrapping effect of the "float"?
clear text-align position
#some_id {
  clear: both;
Click on the method which gets an array with all the elements in the document that have a specified tag name.
getElementsByName() getElementById() getElementsByTagName()
var divs = document.getElementsByTagName("div");
var nr_divs = divs.length;
Indicate the PHP function which returns the number of elements in array.
is_[) count() strlen()
$arr =[7, 8, "abc", 10);
$nri = count($arr);
echo $nri;        // 4
XHTML References - Old

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