Vex Modal stays square on Chrome browser

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Vex Modal stays square on Chrome browser

Sorry but I have something with the Vex-modal from:
I get on Edge browser a complete height field, but on the Chrome browser my vex-modal-screen is square.
do you known how I can make it different ?

I want to use it for my addon comment system

I not have experience with Vex-Modal JS srcipt. I not even use it, I only found it as an interesting plugin to put it on this site.
Try a newer version, from:

- See the documentation from their API.
- You can modify the style by adding /changing css properties in the vex.css file.

Thanks for the support I changed my website to something more simple
so my home-server XAMPP can run better, my complex pages are not running well.

But about vex I love it to use for quick items
I have more buttons with vex

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