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    Here add questions, or any issue related to the SSEP Search engine script from this page:
    SSEP - Site Search Engine PHP-Ajax ( current version: 1.5...
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    Yes my sitemap format was incorrect, thanks!

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    Here add issues about the CKEditor with Image Browser and Uploder Plugins from this page: CKEditor Free Image Browse Plugin .
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    Thank you for posting the problem and the solving on forum. It is helpful for those who use PHP version 5.3 or earlier.
    I added these changes...

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    Has anyone downloaded/used this script: Ajax-PHP Rating Stars Script ?
    I have inserted it into my html page with PHP that will input the data into...
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    You missed to add 2 slashes after the http: .
    In your code the path to ratings.js is http:/... , with one slashe.
    If you look in the...

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    Here add questions, or any issue about the: Ajax-PHP File Manager .
    A simple File Manager script, build with PHP and jQuery, that uses Ajax...