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    About application development:

    - may be helpful for u! Helped me out couple...

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    Relaxing music with mix of Birds song into a forest, Chop beat and Chime, like in monasteries.
    - Click to play.
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    Nice, I enjoyed this a lot, thanks

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    I have a Google AdSense code on the site but I do not show ads that Google should put them in place and only white page advertisement.
    adsense code...
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    Maybe that page is not indexed, or its content is not relevant for current google ads.
    To check if that page is not blocked by some settings in...

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    You have been so very helpful, and the script Drop-Down Select Lists Creator is working great - but my project is so massive that there are many...
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    I not involve myself in custom changes for scripts, or to work on other projects for payment.
    I appreciate more the peace of mind, to spend the time...