Here you will find links to pages where you can download for free: the Adobe Flash CS5 aplication, and various resources to learn Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0, ebooks in PDF-format, audio-video courses and tutorials.
- All resources posted here are not hosted on this server

Adobe Flash Ebooks

  1. Adobe Flash CS5 (943 MB) - Not available
    • The complete Adobe Flash CS5 Professional with registration key.
  2. Adobe Flash Professional CS5 (31 MB)
    • E-book in PDF format for learning Adobe Flash. The lessons have examples and explanations accompanied by pictures.
  3. Flash CS5 The Missing Manual (20 MB)
    • Another ebook for Flash. It contains the FLA files with the examples from the lessons presented in Manul.

Adobe Flash Video courses and tutorials

  1. Total Training Adobe Flash CS5 Professional Essentials (562 MB) - Not available
    • Audio-video Course, WMA files grouped in eight chapters with lessons about: Flash Scene, buttons, animation, 3D, ActionScript and interactivity.
  2. Flash Professional CS5 New Features (96 MB)
    • Video Tutorials (MOV), grouped in seven chapters in which are presented some of the new things that have been added and can be made in Adobe Flash CS5 over previous version.
  3. Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training (178 MB) - Not available
    • Several dozen video tutorials (MOV), grouped in seven chapters about: Drawing, working with the Timeline and frames, working with text images, symbols and the Library panel.

ActionScript 3.0 Ebooks

  1. Essential ActionScript 3.0 (4 MB)
    • PDF manual with detailed lessons (over 900 pages) to learn AS3 (ActionScript 3.0), edited in 2007.
  2. Object Oriented ActionScript 3.0 (6 MB)
    • E-book in PDF format for learning OOP in AS3, with Flash and Flex 2. Publishing Year: 2007
  3. Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Image Effects (8 MB)
    • Course in PDF format that teach you how to make graphic effects using AS3. Publication year - 2009
  4. Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation Making Things Move (3 MB)
    • Ebook with lessons on how to create animation and 3D animation effects using AS3. Published in 2007

ActionScript 3 Video courses and tutorials

  1. ActionScript 3 with Flash CS4 Professional OOP (273 MB) - Not available
    • Video course with 9 lessons (from and exercises that teach you the OOP techniques (Object Oriented Programming), how to work with classes and objects in ActionScript 3.
      These tutorial use the Adobe Flash CS4.
  2. ActionScript 3.0 Working with XML (180 MB) - Not available
    • Nine video lessons and exercises (from that show how to work with XML in AS3, with PHP.
  3. ActionScript 3 with Flash CS3 Professional Beyond the Basics (273 MB) - Not available
    • Video tutorials for beginners in learning AS3 programming language. It uses Adobe Flash CS3.
  4. ActionScript-3.0 in Flash CS3 Professional Essential Training (447 MB) - Not available
    • Video course with 13 lessons and exercises to learn ActionScript 3.0. In these tutorials is used Adobe Flash CS3.

Daily Test with Code Example

Which HTML element can be used to embed a SWF flash content?
<object> <div> <script>
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="file.swf" width="500" height="250">
 <param name="src" value="file.swf" />
 Your browser not support SWF.
Which CSS pseudo-class adds a style to an input form field that has keyboard input focus?
:active :focus :hover
input:focus {
  background-color: #88fe88;
Click on the instruction which converts a JSON string into a JavaScript object.
JSON.stringify(javascript_object) object.toString() JSON.parse(json_string)
var jsnstr = '{"url": "", "title": "Web Development Courses"}';
var obj = JSON.parse(jsnstr);
Indicate the PHP function which can be used to create or write a file on server.
fopen() file_put_contents() file_get_contents()
if (file_put_contents("file.txt", "content")) echo "The file was created";
else echo "The file can not be created";
Adobe Flash ActionScript 3 resources

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