This book contains a colection of 101 Zen stories with parables, experiences of Zen, mind problems and wisdom compiled by Paul Reps from four books:
To get the Book in PDF format, click: Zen Flesh, Zen Bones (233 KB).

- The book title is inspired from this story:
The first Zen patriarch Bodhidharma brought Zen to China from India in the sixth century. According to his biography recorded in the year 1004 by the Chinese teacher Dogen after nine years in China Bodhidharma wished to go home and gathered his disciples about him to test their apperception.
Dofuku said:
- In my opinion truth is beyond affirmation or negation, for this is the way it moves.
Bodhidharma replied:
- You have my skin.
The nun Soji said:
- In my view, it is like Ananda’s sight of the Buddha-land – seen once and for ever.
Bodhidharma answered:
- You have my flesh.
Dofuku said:
- The four elements of light, airiness, fluidity, and solidity are empty (i.e. inclusive) and the five skandas are No-things. In my opinion, No-thing (i.e. spirit) is reality.
Bodhidharma commented:
- You have my bones
Finally Eka bowed before the master - and remained silent.
Bodhidharma said: - You have my marrow.
• Old Zen was so fresh it became treasured and remembered. Here are fragments of its skin flesh bones but not its marrow – never found in words.
The problem of our mind, relating conscious to preconscious awareness takes us deep into everyday living. Dare we open our doors to the source of am being? What are flesh and bones for?
Zen Flesh, Zen Bones

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