- My brother is YOU; My brother is ME.

At last I manage to write you what I want to share from my mind. Meditations, thoughts or simply a moment's knowledge, I write them as they appear in my mind, with a simple or more complex understanding, you will understand; because it`s the Voice of You (and Me).

The Light made the eyesight, as well as the sound made hearing and the knowing created the mind.
As the light can be known by sight, the sound by hearing, the knowing with the mind; so God can be known through the Son (the "TO BE").

God did not make the injustice, and gave the righteousness to show that the injustice never existed and does not exists.
God did not created the sin, and gave the Forgiveness to show that there is no sin.
The same with: dream and waking up; illness and healing; darkness and light.
Forgiveness is a sponge that erases the time (with everything that seemed to be in that time).

When injustice and the Righteousness (or ignorance and knowledge) meet, they cancel each other (as two opposed illusions, minus and plus) and the Truth appears, which did not ever missed, but its light was slightly overshadowed by a small cloud of the mind.
When illness and healing come together, they disappear and and will appear what never missed: the Health.
When sin and forgiveness come together (darkness and light), they disappear and will be revealed what is always eternally and it never missed: the Holiness (the Truth / the Consciousness / Peace).

Thought for the mind is like the air for the body. As you can not stop yourself a long time to breathe, you can not stop thinking.
Air quality is the most important element for the health of the body. It's the same with the thought, what we think is an important factor for the health of the mind and state of the soul.
Even if you can not stop the air that you breathe, you can choose to not stay in it, to move or change your location, you can also refrain yourself a little time from breathe; the same way is with thinking. Even if it seems you do not have the power to stop your thoughts, you can detach them, and change their field and perspective to a correct perception.
- You can learn from the body, it is not taken away by the air that you breathe.

When you're angry you're not yourself. Neither when you want to look or to be in any way, you're not yourself.
- Just BE; forget about what you want to be, or think you are; and you will find yourself.

I read this in the Gospel of Thomas:

        Do not give holy things to dogs
        that they to take them as trash.
        Do not throw pearls to pigs
        that they to make them as dirt.

And I thought what clean understood could have? Because Christ does not judge, or see any man as "pig" or "dog".
Listening quietly, I understand this:
- When you want to give someone a sacred teaching, do not judge him in your mind as "dog" or "pig" (inferior), because that judgment, thinking will convert your teaching in trash. ('they' being your own thoughts)
- When you want to teach, to correct someone, do not consider / judge him in some way
. (do not judge eaven your thoughts).

Brother, in the sunrise of spring I want to share these ideas from knowledge of the truth.
- When I see, I see myself.
- When I hear, I hear me.
- When I speak (transmit), I express myself.
- When I am aware that I feel, I feel myself.
- I Live in Myself. (Myself is Our-Self).

On the Eve of the Nativity I woked up with these ideas:
In the Gospel, the Saviour says:
- Search and you will find. Ask and you will be answered. Require and you will receive.
Some other time I was thinking that these words can also have this meaning:
- We find what we are searching for. We are given the answer to what we asked. We receive what we desire/ require.
And now, in the morning of the Eve, my self one is transmitting:
- I searched and I saw: LIGHT. I asked and I heard: SOUND. I wanted and I felt /received: LIFE.
- All I see is Light, All I hear is Sound, and All I feel (the mind`s reflection) is Life.

I do not realy understand these ideas, but maybe you know them:
- The assumption that you know is the obstacle that prevents you from knowing and learning. To remember the Truth, you must Forget everything you know; forget the body.

• Today I want to write this fact to you. I was sitting outside, in the yard and I was leisurely looking at the blossoming tree in front of the house, a thought told me in my mind:
"Do not search to see something specifically, just watch, observe what I see. Then, do not judge what I see and hear".

• Think a little about this: " It`s not so important what you do, but for what you do it".

• Brother, today I tell you about the fact that the Life is like breathing. Breathing happens by itself (unconsciously), and its way and rhythm depend on our activities and moods, but it can also be controlled; as is with Life.
We breathe = we live ; We live = we breathe.
As we know how /to breathe, so it is how we know to live.

• Brother, be a friend with the Present Moment. In it you find everything, you are in it and it is in you, in it you think, you perceive yourself and you feel. It forms itself as you are, and you perceive yourself as you feel the moment is. If you are a friend with The Present Moment / with Now, peaceful, confident in it; you perceive yourself as in a clear, perfect, and serene mirror, as it truly is. The Present Moment is your teacher and it is the step on the path of this road (called Life) to returning to God; Miracles are made in The Present Moment.
- When you think about things that are far away from Here and Now, like what happened in the past, or what might happen in the future, be aware that you are having those thoughts Here and Now, they are only an expression of yours in this moment.

• Today I was thinking about "the law of love": - What you give to your brother is the gift you give yourself.
A thought is telling me:
By giving the seed you will receive the fruit of that seed.
- Give silence ; gain /receive peace.
- Give forgiveness, receive kindness.
- Give kindness, receive love.
And the fruit contains the seed too, by receiving the fruit, you also get the seed that you have given.
- Peace contains serenity. Kindness contains forgiveness. Love contains kindness.

• Other briefly depicted ideas, but which are like a small seed from which a tree grows, and then "... birds make their nests" on it, if these seeds fall on good soil (a clean and serene mind) and are taken cared of them from time to time (meditating on them):

- I give thanks, so I exist. I think, therefore I dream. I am silent, so I become awake.

- Where is wisdom found? - In the search for it; Like the Lord says: "Search and you will find".

- Healing is made by the one that is being healed, through forgiveness and praying with faith. Your power as a healer is the power with which you emit /inspire and strengthen faith.
The things from God (that cost nothing: happiness, kindness, peace, faith, love, ...) the more you give /offer them the more you receive them:
- Your Happiness grows when you are glad for the happiness of the one that you helped.
- You Kindness multiplies when you are good with those around you and you see their inner kindness.
- Your Faith grows when you have trust.

• You gave this thought to me, so that I will remind you of it now:
- Everything that passes does not exist, it was just a figment of the mind, but everything that realy is remains eternal, because it is from God. [Nothing that passed did not exist]

There is also another way of perception.
There is a perception at the level of the Ego, that is guided by fear, and another perception of the Son of God, the right one, that is from and through love.
"Fear of God" is a wrong expression of the worldly things. In truth it comes from "The Love of God", that can inspire: The Fear of not being with God in what you do, this is its true meaning.

• After I read a excerpt from the book "Awareness, The Perils and Opportunities of Reality" by Anthony de Mello, I was thinking about this small phrase said by almost every Christian: "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit" in relation with this: "As it Was, it Is and Will Be".
Meditating on these two phrases, and their order, deep understandings might be perceived, to the measure of each one.

• Thinking about the moments of good feelings, I was inspired with these words, that I want to share, from soul to soul:
- The Peace is good, when you have and perceive it, keep it, when you not have it, search for it where you can find it: in the heart of tranquillity (and the silence of mind brings tranquillity).

• In everything
The Peace is better,
The friendship is beautiful.
And, it is wonderful that these are in our power.
For Peace you have to do nothing;
The Peace there is already, just to accept it.
Friendship is a harmony that arises from joy;
You just have to enjoy sincerely the joy of your fellow.

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