If the words are like seeds sown in the human mind, good humor jokes are like a sweet and sour fruit.
It's in our power to smile and sow good vibes around us, we'll reap joy.

Tommy had just got back from the beach.
- Were there other children there? asked his mother.
- Yes, said Tommy.
- Boys or girls?
- How could I know? They didn’t have any clothes on.

People see, not what is there but what they have been trained to see.
- Did you know that God was present when you stole that cookie from the kitchen, and he was looking at you all the time?
- Yes.
- And what do you think he was saying to you?
- He was saying. "There’s no one here but the two of us-take two".

With the help of a MANUAL OF INSTRUCTIONS a woman tried for hours to assemble a complicated new appliance she had recently bought. She finally gave up and left the pieces all over the kitchen table.
When she got back several hours later, she found the machine put together by the housemaid and functioning perfectly.
- How on earth did you do that? she exclaimed.
- Well, ma’am, when you don’t know how to read you’re forced to use your mind.

A frog saw a millipede and marveled at how easy he can walk with tens of feet, so the frog asked.
- Sir centipede, how can you walk so easy with so many legs?
The millipede stopped, thinking how does it wolk. But when he began to think he could not walk any more.

Weary traveller:
- Why in the name of heaven did they build the railway station three kilometres away from the village?
Helpful porter:
- They must have thought it would be a good idea to have it near the trains, sir.

They had made it their custom to invite their pious aunt to go with them on their picnic each year. This year they forgot. When the invitation did come at the last minute, she said:
- It’s too late now. I’ve already prayed for rain.

A man went to see a psychiatrist and said that every night he was visited by a twelve-foot dragon with three heads. He was a nervous wreck, could not sleep at all and was on the verge of total collapse.
- I think I can help you, said the psychiatrist, but I must warn you that it will take six months and will cost three thousand dollars.
Three thousand dollars! the man exclaimed. Forget it! I’ll just go home and make friends with it.

Of a saint it used to be said that each time he left home to go and perform his religious duties he would say, "And now, Lord, goodbye! I am off to Church".

The old miser was overheard at his prayers: "If the Almighty, may His holy name be blessed forever, would give me a hundred thousand dollars, I would give ten thousand to the poor. I promise I would. And if the Almighty, may He be glorified forever, were not to trust me, let Him deduct the ten thousand in advance and just send me the balance.

Four monks decided to go into silence for a week. They started out well enough but after the first day one monk said:
- I wonder if I locked the door of my cell at the monastery before we set out.
Another monk said:
- You absent-minded! We decided to keep silence for a week and now you have gone and broken it!
A third monk said.
- What about you? You have broken it too!
Said the fourth.
- Thank God I’m the only one who hasn’t spoken yet!

A teacher was giving a lecture on modern inventions.
- Can any of you mention something of importance that did not exist fifty years ago? she asked.
One bright lad in the front row raised his hand eagerly and said.
- ME!

- That pain in your leg is caused by old age.
- Don’t take me for a fool! The other leg is just as old.

Mulla Nasruddin and the King arrive in a foreign city.
- Mulla, said the king, let's disguise and walk through the city to see how the people think and how they react.
Said and done. The King soon realized that people do not know him and did not react in any way in his presence, but most people smiled at Mulla. In the end he said:
- Mulla, you told me that you've never been in this city, but it seems like you know a lot of people here.
- Why your majesty?
- Because I've seen many people who smile at you.
- The explanation is very simple majesty. You see, I was the one who first smiled.

Talking about spirituality, the teacher says:
- The name of God is not the word that I write or talk, nor the meaning of a thought that we give to that word; God's Name is the Truth itself, indicated by that feeling sincerely felt in our Soul.
If God's name is Joy, it is not the word "joy", nor any meaning given by thinking; It is that living itself. More honestly we can say it like that, and the teacher laughed.
Got home, Mari tells his parents:
- Today I learned the name of God.
- What is it? asks his parents.
In response, Mari begins to laugh.

Spiritual Jokes and Anecdotes

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