The Prayer of the Frog (by Anthony de Mello) is a book with short stories, most of them funny, and full of wisdom. A quote from the book: "Wisdom is not a destination, but a way to travel".
In this book Anthony de Mello gathered stories from a variety of countries, cultures and religions. They belong to the spiritual heritage and popular humour of all humanity. The talent of the author consists in collecting and ordering them to guide us on the path of enlightenment through self-knowledge.

- Download the book in text format (PDF), click: Download - The Prayer of the Frog (1 MB, it contains parts 1 and 2)

Some stories from the book

A philosopher who had only one pair of shoes asked the cobbler to repair them for him while he waited.
- It’s closing time, said the cobbler. It won’t be possible for me to repair them just now. Why don’t you come for them tomorrow?
- I have only one pair of shoes and it won’t be possible for me to walk without shoes.
- Very well. I shall lend you a used pair for the day.
- What! Wear someone else’s shoes? What do you take me for?
- Why should you object to having someone else’s shoes on your feet when you don’t mind carrying other people’s ideas in your head?

The doctor decided that the time had come to tell his patient the truth: - I feel I should tell you that you are a very sick man and are not likely to live for more than another two days at the most. You may want to settle your affairs. Is there anyone you desire to see?
- Yes, came the answer in a feeble voice.
- Who is it? asked the doctor.
- Another doctor.

A priest walked into a pub indignant to find so many of his parishioners there. He rounded them up and shepherded them into the church.
Then he solemnly said.
- All those who want to go to heaven, step over here to the left.
Everyone stepped over except one man who stubbornly stood his ground.
The priest looked at him fiercely and said.
- Don’t you want to go to heaven?
- No. said the man.
- Do you mean to stand there and tell me you don’t want to go to heaven when you die?
- Of course I want to go to heaven when I die. I thought you were going now!

We are ready to go all the way -only when our brakes don’t work.

Human beings react, not to reality, but to ideas in their heads.

The book Prayer of the Frog in PDF format

The Prayer of the Frog

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