Test Comments Script with pagination

This is a Demo page to test the PHP - AJAX Script for Comments with pagination.
This script is free, to Download it, go to page: Comments Script.

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email@adres.net21-Dec-2011,   11:24      
This Script Comments with pagination is Free. :) Can be aded in both PHP, and HTML files.:=) It is valid XHTML. The user can include /upload an image into comment. :|H Click on it. You can display /paginate how many rows of comments you want.

֠ Admin
21-Dec-2011,   11:34      
When click on the image added in comments, will be displayed in full page :) More details about the features of this script you can find in a "Read.html" file, in the archive which can be downloaded from the page: Comments Script. To test the Administrator functions (Modify, Delete), click on the Administrator link below, and add: Name = admin Password = pass

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