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  1. Calling Function and Class Method with Name from String
  2. Splat Operator in PHP
  3. Add data from form in text file in JSON format
  4. Create a simple anti-spam Captcha verification code
  5. Get data from string with JSON object
  6. Get the value of multiple selected checkboxes with same name
  7. Display data from PHP Array, or MySQL in HTML table
  8. Send E-mail with HTML tags and Attachment
  9. Recursive Functions in PHP
  10. Random numbers in PHP
  11. Days between two dates, or of a specified week, in PHP MySQL
  12. Using file_put_contents, file_get_contents, readfile and file()
  13. Uploading multiple files
  14. Count the number of downloads and accesses
  15. Select in two MySQL tables
  17. Keep data in form fields after submitting the form
  18. Register and show online users and visitors
  19. Check if table exists in databse
  20. Insert, Select and Update NULL value in MySQL
  21. Integer and Float value in Select with PDO from string to numeric
  22. Convert BBCODE and smiles to HTML
  23. Extract a number of characters and words from text
  24. Create simple Website with PHP
  25. DirectoryIterator to get file and directory info
  26. Remove / Get duplicate array values - Reset array keys in PHP
  27. Create and Use in PHP a Simple Template Page
  28. Get Relative Path to Website Root for Includes to Access from Anywhere
  29. Prevent Hotlinking / Block External Access to Video and Audio files
  30. Split number - Get each character from number
  31. Common PHP Errors and Solutions
  32. PHP Predefined Constants

Daily Test with Code Example

What attribute makes a radio button or checkbox input selected?
checked="checked" selected="selected" disabled="disabled"
<input type="checkbox" name="a_name" value="value" checked="checked" />
What CSS value scales the background image to the largest size contained within the element?
repeat-x contain linear-gradient
#id {
What operator is used to determine the rest of the division of two numbers?
% * /
var rest8_7 = 8 % 7;
Indicate the PHP function that rounds a number up to the next highest integer.
floor() ceil() abs()
$nr = ceil(3.5);
echo $nr;        // 4
PHP-MySQL Tutorials

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