PHP MySQL Lessons

These lessons are for beginners who are starting to learn PHP, but also can be useful for those who already have average knowledge about PHP programming and want to deepen more advanced elements, such as object-oriented programming, working with MySQL and XML files or PHP PDO, which will be presented in future lessons.

PHP Basic (beginner)

  1. Writing PHP scripts
  2. Variables and Data Types
  3. Numbers and mathematical 0perators
  4. PHP Strings
  5. Constants
  6. Superglobal $_SERVER Array
  7. PHP Error Handling and Debugging
  8. If ... Else conditionals, Comparative and Logical operators
  9. Using HTML Forms
  10. $_GET, $_POST and $_REQUEST Variables
  11. PHP Switch ... Case ...
  12. While Loops
  13. For and Foreach Loops
  14. PHP Arrays
  15. Multidimensional arrays and array functions
  16. PHP functions
  17. Functions, Variable scope and Passing by Reference

PHP Advanced

  1. PHP Anonymous functions - Closures
  2. Include and Require
  3. File Handling with fopen
  4. File Upload
  5. Exploring Folders
  6. PHP Cookies
  7. PHP Sessions
  8. RegExp - Regular Expressions
  9. PHP Date and Time
  10. PHP DateTime and DateTimeZone classes
  11. PHP Sending E-mails


OOP - Classes and Objects

  1. PHP OOP - Creating Classes and Objects
  2. OOP - Constructor Method
  3. OOP - Accessor and Destructor methods
  4. OOP - Constants, Static Properties and Methods
  5. OOP - inheritance, class extends
  6. OOP - Final Classes and Methods
  7. Magic Methods __get, __set, __call, __toString
  8. OOP - Abstract classes
  9. PHP OOP - Interfaces
  10. Functions with Object and Array arguments
  11. PHP Method Chaining